Do non-touch spells delivered using the hexcrafter's Accursed Strike arcana get the free attack?

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The hexcrafter archetype of magus found on pg. 48 of Ultimate Magic opens up a special magus arcana called Accursed Strike:

Ultimate Magic wrote:
A hexcrafter magus who can cast bestow curse, major curse, or any spell with the curse descriptor can deliver these prepared spells using the spellstrike ability, even if the spells are not touch attack spells.

Most spells with the curse descriptor happen to be touch spells, so it's easy enough to figure out how those work with spellstrike. However, there are a few good curses out there that aren't touch spells and it's a lot less clear to me how those work.

Would they need to be cast in one round and then delivered in the next, since they aren't touch spells and thus don't normally get a free touch to deliver?

The wording for spellstrike is tricky, as it assumes it's only being used to deliver touch spells. The only other way to "trick" spellstrike into using other spells that I'm aware of (the Close Range arcana) is clear that it allows you to use ranged touch spells as melee touch spells, so it doesn't create these kinds of complications.

Any thoughts?

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I would say that since it is now being delivered through spellstrike, it has become a touch spell, and would therefore benefit from a bonus attack. I believe you would need to use spell combat to get your full iterative attacks though, but you should be able to do it all in the same round though.

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I think that's a reasonable reading, and it sounds like that's what my GM is going to use. I wonder if there's been any insight on this anywhere from the design team or the hexcrafter's author. If you don't treat the curses as touch spells, and don't grant them the free touch, they're really bad with spellstrike... Nevermind that many curses seem to have casting times of a round or longer.

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