True Detective


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Scarab Sages

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I'm going with the latter. While my wife recognized the face when I googled him for her, she had no idea who he was, and definitely didn't have memories of him trying to become La Magra the Blood God in Blade.

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Yeah Dorf had a run with some indie films back in the late 90's early oughts, but since i think hes just done E-cig commercials...

I'm not watching for him anyways. I'm a giant Ali fan.

Sovereign Court

So episode one was pretty interesting. I feel the episode overall tried to do a little too much, but i'm still interested in where this is going.

The girl being alive still was an interesting twist, but i'm not sure if it was too soon or not to pull that curtain. The reaction to discussing the "trashman's" home leads me to believe that he might take the fall for this and actually be innocent.

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Anyone notice the RPG book in the boy's room? The cover was clearly a first edition AD&D DMG but the spine said The Forests of Leng. I found that a nice touch and am curious if it will come into play later.

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