Reccommendations, anyone?


I am going to be starting a game, soon, and I think I am only going to have two players.

One is a Vanaran(? is that the races name?) Monk, or as the player likes to say, a Monkey Monk. He was unhappy that I told him that "flinging poo" does NOT do any damage...

The other player is a Tengu Rogue. Pretty sure the player isn't aware of how much ravens like shiny objects...

Anywho, I am missing a primary caster, and someone or thing that can take damage and keep the baddies interested. So, I will probably have to run a DMNPC. But, I only want to run one character, so I am thinking either a Druid or a Cleric.

Any ideas on a simple, easy to run build for such a character? Perhaps one could show me to a build already done? Race and class ideas are welcome, as well as archtypes, but I may just go with the standard class for simplicity.

The game starts at level 1, and goes to around 17, maybe higher.

Cleric will be your best bet. Make him a buffbot and a healer as a DMPC. Don't want him to steal the spotlight.

So focus on channeling and healing spells. Improved Channel is good, Selective Channel is necessary (so you don't end up healing their enemies).

Find a god with the Healing Domain (Sarenrae is a solid choice). Standard class, Human to keep it simple.

Simpler is better for a DMPC, really. You don't need to optimize them a whole lot, because tehy're just there to fill a gap in a really small party.

Alternate suggestion: Allow each of your players to run two characters, and cut out the middle man.

Cleric is probably the best option. I would choose one that will fit the style of the group over optimization. If they are to be a sneaky, cunning group, give them a sneaky, cunning cleric. Maybe a cleric of Calistria with the knowledge and trickery domains or a Besmara worshiper who can sneak around with them.

Other options, what about an alchemist built to supply them with potions, lob bombs, and make ranged attacks? Or a witch to get a blend of arcane and healing? An Orc scarred witch doctor would be a tough debuffer in the motley crew. Those are both more complex to run though.

Make the NYC a kitsune, just so you can say, " a monkey, a raven, and a fox walk into a bar..."

Instead of introducing a GMPC, why not build the adventure around 2 non-spellcasting adventurers?

Lantern Lodge

2nd the Cleric.

The DMNPC can take on the roll of support and patch the players back up as needed.

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