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Paizo owns the submitted items, and they cannot be used elsewhere without their permission?

Only asking because there are so many amazing and awesome items this year that it would be great to see many of them together in a publication of some sort. Maybe a page on d20pfsrd.com? A single free webzine with the top 100? Nothing that people would have to pay for, just single place to read this year's best. Is that possible?

I believe from previous posts years ago, they had spoken about it. This was posted a while back:

Vic Wertz wrote:

Vic Wertz Chief Technical Officer, Dec 9, 2007, 05:24 PM

I've just spent the last few hours looking at discussions of RPG Superstar on other websites, and I've realized that a lot of people have incorrect assumptions about Paizo's plans for the content that the contestants are generating.

All of these wondrous items, countries, villains and so on—they're a means to an end. Owning all of this content is not one of the goals we had for RPG Superstar—it's just a by-product of the contest process. (We're taking ownership of submissions for our own legal protection. Check pretty much any contest rules that involve creative submissions, and you'll find text along the lines of "all submissions become the property of so-and-so.")

We're not planning on creating a new RPG Superstar campaign setting by mashing together 32 countries, populating them with 16 villains, and so on. (Frankly, we're busy enough creating our own Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting.)

We're not even planning on selling a product that compiles the top entries. (For one thing, why would you buy it? You can get that content for free right here, along with comments from the community on how to use it in your campaign.)

We're glad people are enjoying creating this material, and reading it, discussing it, and using it in their campaigns, but our goal is not to find new content—it's to find a talented designer.

Hope that helps

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