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In general, why would a warpriest (or a cleric or other divine caster) have his/her powers? Innately from birth? Chosen by the god? Devoted himself to the god? They just prayed for divine power in a moment of need? I need a backstory for a 4th level warpriest of Gozreh for a Skull and Shackles campaign but am interested in general ideas for inspiration.

Unawakened god fragment. Gozreh was interested in mortals for whatever reason and let a small piece of themselves live amongst mortals and gather memories, which upon 'death' will return to Gozreh with all it's memories and experiences. So, innately from birth.

Edit: If I were a pathfinder god, I'd grant power to random people and non-worshipers just to see what they do with it.

Privateer is lost in a terrible storm. Awakens on island inhabited by a druid hermit. Preaches to the Privateer that his life was only saved through Gozreh's grace. Privateer dedicates himself to Gozreh in thanks, vowing to destroy those who would despoil nature.

All the three things you say could be true. (Innately from birth? Chosen by the god? Devoted himself to the god?)I personally think the last two are more interesting.
I'd might have a following background. The character is born normal no special devotion to this god, maybe an interest but no special devotion to this particular god. Then something bad happens and the character does a brave but dificult deed to help/prevent. (This "something bad" and the deed are somehow connected to the god.) The god gives a temporary minor power to the character to help it all and well. The character decides to devote him/herself to the god and starts studing at it's tempel.
It's all very vague and flat the way I wrote it but you can fill in the specifics for yourself and at more feeling to it depending on your character.

A career soldier whose last mission ended in tragedy as he saw every other men of his battalion killed in action. In the most desperate hour a phantom in the image of Gozreh appears and fights side by side whith him. Only through this divine intervention was your life spared. When danger passed and all your foes lay dead at your feet, the phantom disappears, never explaining why it came to your aid. You dedicate your life to his service, hoping to one day find out why it saved you. Was it only because it looked like a good fight?

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