Seeking group with open-minded DM


Okay, so I have a TON of character ideas that use aspects of the game which most DMs don't allow. Like a Gremlin Witch. Also, I'm a huge fan of Psionics.

So... help me out?

I don't have any new games planned anytime soon, but IF I was to start planning something I would need more info on what exactly you want to play and why you think it wouldn't be approved, so I could think of something.

Something like

Drow Noble,Gunslinger(pistolero),chaotic evil - GMs don't like Drow/Gunsligers,Evil characters

You might want to throw in the type of setting you're looking to play in Golorian, Homebrew, something else? Unusal characters often demand unusal settings if they're going to work.

Now that said, I don't like evil characters, I don't have much non Paizo stuff, and while I did get the 3rd party Psionics book for christmas (PDF really) I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Odds are very good I probably won't be able to do anything soon, but I'm not the only GM around and maybe something you post will inspire someone else to try someting. Might even inspire me try something new as well.

My Nightmarish campaign is fairly flexible. I allow the Witch but not the Gremlin.
My campaign allows all core and base classes. All core races, plus the dragonborn from D&D 4th addition if you want to mix a little D&D with pathfinder, 3 traits, early guns, archetypes are allowed, one alternate race trait without replacing a standard trait, so basically a free one, and can use any additional alternate traits to replace standard ones as you choose. Multiclassing allowed, but only 2 before level 21 and goes to level 60 with a maximum of 4 classes with no exp penalty. Your class cannot go above level 20, so you are required to multi-class at least once at level 21.


If you want to play a version that is mostly going to be following Downtime Rules from the Ultimate Campaign I am recruiting, and allowing any 3PP Race Level 5 NPC classes only to start, but from 6th and on any class 3PP long as its on the d20pfsrd for 3PP. However, its a LG city whos currently in a state of war.

In my version all people coming in are detected for evil by at least a pair of paladins. If evil they are questioned under detect lies. If the reason for the evil person visiting its a good or noble or selfless reason they are registered and freed. If not they are slain and buried in hallowed grounds.
Tieflings and anyone of Demonic blood are attacked upon sight. No quarter given, or asked by the crusader knights or paladin guards.
So basically nobody evil. Ive had to many campaigns spoiled by Evil Players that ive grown to disallow any evil pc.
And True Neutral does not exist.

Heres the formal recruitment thread

you can take a look at this game

I am in it and we have tons of wacky and normally never allowed chaarcter concepts

one of my characters is gestalted bard / timelord

we have demons and dragon and werewolves as PC's even some custom built races.

psionics is all over the place. and we meshed technology with magic. we have spelljammers and traditional spaceships.

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