Pricing question on poisons.

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A player showed me that there is an incredible disparity in pricing between two Paizo sources for the same product.

A dose of Belladonna according to the core book is 100 gold, according to the adventures armoury 2 gold.

Wolfsbane as per the core rulebook 500 gold, adventurers armory 5 sp.

Is there a reason for this enormous difference? And which source is correct, for example as far as PFS is concerned?

Sovereign Court

Adventurer armory has many issues. They posted an errata somewhere for it. Just ignore anything from that book in general is a better advice.

EXCEPT the spring-loaded wrist sheath, of course!

Yeah if there is any kind of descrepency, as a rule of thumb I would say anything offical ie in the PRD (core, UE) use that instead.

Dark Archive

I would go with the last book released: Ultimate Equipment.

UE Poisons

This puts Belladonna @ 100 gp and Wolfsbane @ 500gp.

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