Building an Awakened Wuxia Wiwaxia


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I was wondering about playing an awakened wiwaxia with wuxia powers. I figure I'd go with monk because a wiwaxia cannot wield weapons and monks don't need limbs to make their attacks. Also the monk speed boost would enable a wiwaxia to walk about. Maybe it would use a wagon to wander the wide world with the rest of the party, wherever they want to go. Or they could just be carried about as a wiwaxia doesn't weigh much.

What do you think? Would you be willing to weave such a character into your campaign world? Or would you not wish to allow it because you'd worry that it might be too weak?

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What is a Wiwaxia?

EDIT: Is it the mollusk?

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Are there stats for the wiwaxia somewhere?

That reminds me. I never did finish my book of PF stats for critters of the Burgess Shale.

I wrote up Anomalocaris and Opabinia, at least.

On the contrary, I fear it would be too strong.

It is certainly BBEG material.

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They get Trilobite Smite too.

Bit OP.

He'd have a herald -- a half-celestial hallucigenia halbardier who hops about in holy half-plate. However, he'll have to hold off until high level to hire him.

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