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Heh, didn't expect when I raised this thread from the dead to get this much traction.

Got themes for villains and major enemies in my horror campaign. Been fun.

Master Amadeus Kharam (unaligned male elf secret broker occultist 20/trickster 10) is the enigmatic and powerful deceased founder of Candlemere Asylum. His actions built the foundation for the entire campaign premise.
Director Francis Reliyehn (CE human thought eater mesmerist 15) is the psychopathic understudy of Amadeus Kharam, currently running the asylum.
Dr. Fing Nu (LG monk 4/chirurgeon alchemist is the asylum's resident physician with a tormented past. He succumbs to corruption and becomes a jiang-shi.
Head Orderly Mr. Zachs (CE male advanced bagman trophy hunter gunslinger 2) is the asylum's murderous head orderly. Has freakishly square fake teeth, sallow eyes, and a love for gunpowder and hunting people down.
Subject 01 (NE advanced hive warrior) is a test subject in the basement of the asylum being studied by Reliyehn.
The Renwelt Butcher (CE implacable stalker ogre slayer 4) is the elusive serial killer prowling the city of Agrowan. Unstoppable, brutal, and elusive, he has the entire city quaking in terror. There are hints that he is tied to the asylum.
Don Renalti Fuhria (CE male aasimar thug rogue 10) is the intimidating boss of the Fuhria Family, a criminal organization that deals in racketeering, extortion, and theft that despises 'pure bloods'.
Diestera and Ursula (NE changeling oracles 8) are two of the three sub-leaders of the Anthriku Coven, another criminal organization that deals in soul trading. Diestera is a tall and violent street prowler and Ursula is a cannibalistic socialite.
Mistress Anthriku (NE advanced blood hag) is the adoptive mother of the Anthriku siblings and the true leader of the coven. She seeks to bring back a folklore villain to Agrowan using soul gems to empower the ritual.
Lek and Mek Crozdin (CN male gnome experts 9) are twin geniuses and former Technic League engineers. They craft, repair, and produce all of the technological advancements that keep the Mirilen Syndicate a top contender in Agrowan's criminal scene.
Chief Lothore Mirilen (LE male elf grenadier alchemist 10) is a former Technic League administrator who guards his identity and illegal operations, killing anyone who comes even close to divining his true identity in a paranoid frenzy.
Chief Justice Twil Drohum (NE male human unchained summoner 7/circuit judge cavalier 3) is an overweight judge and popularly jovial figure in the Agrowani justice system, but secretly has become intoxicated by the promises of otherworldly beings and seeks to bring them here.
Huohuomug'osh the Slithering(LE advanced chyzaedu) is the emissary of the Dominion of the Black sent to Golarion to pave the way for an invasion fleet using various local agents swayed by madness or promises of power.

(Everything I post in dies)

Good thing I'm a necromancer.

I need to keep posting some character music but I've been kinda busy these days... Don't worry, we'll try to keep this alive xD

Radiant Oath

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Here's all my current Pathfinder characters and their themes!

Eostre Roldheim (LN female dwarf transmuter wizard 5) is an arrogant, young, aspiring Cyphermage whose journey to the town of Sandpoint to begin an archaeological dig there quickly went off the rails and saw her becoming a local heroine.

Jolon Vulture-Heart (NG male half-orc spirit guide oracle 2) is the orphaned son of a Shoanti warrior-woman and an orc, who blends the spirit worship of his ancestors with faith in Pharasma as he works to defend his home city of Korvosa.

Orendel Kellon (LN male half-elf standard bearer cavalier 1) is a former standard bearer from the Molthuni army who was forced into desertion when his elven father led a band of Nirmathi insurgents to ambush and massacre his unit, now hoping to start over in Riddleport managing security at the Gold Goblin gambling hall.

Zoisa the Magnificient (CG female gnome sorcerer of sleep sorcerer 1/unchained rogue 1) is an energetic pesh-head who has joined the expedition to Kelmarane to look for her adoptive sister, hoping to establish her own pesh farm in the town once the town is reclaimed.

Lorant Endronil (NG male dhampir kinslayer inquisitor 2) is a squire among the Knights of Ozem, who worships Iomedae, Pharasma and the Empyreal Lord Andoletta as a divine triad, and has wandered Ustalav for over a century trying to protect people from the dark.

Arieys Mavashti (NG female aasimar cartomancer witch 2) is the adoptive daughter of Koya Mvashti, and seeks to master the path of the Harrower to help her friends in their adventures, and help Koya explore the world.

Arloric Dziergas-Highbough (NG male tiefling nature fang druid 1) is a descendant of Sarkorian refugees who seeks to bring balance to the Worldwound and his tainted soul.

Berenice Bluethistle (CG female halfling vanguard slayer 1) is a fierce young woman with ties to the Bellflower Network, attempting to help revive the Silver Ravens and liberate Kintargo, her home.

Wymond Dwerryhouse (LG male human chosen one paladin 1) is a hedge knight of the River Kingdoms, who has seemingly been instructed by his pet pig to delve into the massive dungeon known as the Emerald Spire.

Oh, man, I have been waiting since last night to post this. Darn goblins in the machinery.

Let's see, I have a few other characters.

Silver Cassorin (LG middle aged male Garundi human mysterious stranger gunslinger 4) is a wandering retired lawman looking to bring justice to the world abroad with his old musket, My Fair Lady.

Svala Hulzvog (CN female dwarf brawler 6) - A glory-seeking former raider from the Ironbound Archipelago.

Lucius Eskariot (LE middle aged dwarf cleric of Asmodeus 11) is an ambitious, Machiavellian, gentlemanly former slave. Loves coffee, hates children.

Renila Karthmil (LE female tiefling spiritualist 2) is the quiet, soft-spoken worshiper of Zon-Kuthon and host of the jealous spirit of Jilted Joan.

Reshimonde (CN oread shaman 4/brawler 1) is a former bandit, boisterous pervert, and self-proclaimed love/fighting guru with a soft spot for people who get on his good side and a no-b~+$$%#& attitude.

Abrahm AKA "Akrog the Red" (CG male half-orc armored hulk unchained barbarian 11) is a young and somewhat socially awkward former gang member native of Numeria looking to reunite with his mother and protect the people he's come to call family... and maybe kick some Technic League butt in the process. Has bright red hair.

Au'kambi (LG female Garundi half-elf oracle 9) is a seer on a quest to save her native tribe from a terrible disease/curse caused by a powerful daemon.

Think that's all of them... though I kinda feel bad for not giving my other list a description. Think I'll do it here, for good measure, but in spoiler tags so as to avoid bloating this post.

Aldrius Froidvoir (NG male middle aged Taldane human water elemental sorcerer 6/archmage 1) is a kindly barrister and worshiper of Sarenrae with repressed magical talent thrust suddenly into the front of the war on the Worldwound.

Benedin Dahker (NE male elf vivisectionist) is the Daemon Barber of Kaer Maga, an infamous professional assassin known for his pride, alchemical genius, and nihilistic egocentricity.

Sakhbet (NE Kelish male human alchemist 11) is a Pharasmin heretic who turned to the worship of Urgathoa after learning he was fated to die at birth. An immoral cannibal with a love of natural science.

Hiram Desdalus VIII (LN tiefling magus 8) is a noble disgraced for his fiendish heritage who cast himself adrift after a life of servitude in the Chelish military, seeking his own destiny.

Barkhan Thine (N middle aged fetchling bounty hunter) has seen, done, and felt too much. Now, to escape his past, he focuses solely on doing what he does best: capture wanted men and women for money.

Melickaz AKA "Blacksaw" (CE gnome mesmerist 7) is a con man and gambler who will be your bestest bud until it's the most fun or convenient time to betray you, or maybe he'll just make you his friend forever. Whatever's the most fun to him.

Sovereign Court

Heres another one I like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo60Lx5KXEI&list=PLxNQjkSPIss48pl5p5N0C mB2W2gNN-MXT&index=28

Quick Kileanna, linkify me!

Lord Deacon The Diplomat wrote:

Heres another one I like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo60Lx5KXEI&list=PLxNQjkSPIss48pl5p5N0C mB2W2gNN-MXT&index=28

Quick Kileanna, linkify me!


I'm not doing it! No way!
No link for you.


By the way, linking is easy. Codes are below the box where messages are written.

Just in case I don't realize you need linkifying xD

Shadow Lodge

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My Jade Regent character, Vyriel (Half-Elf Winter Witch 5/Ninja 4/Arcane Trickster 3) chose the following theme song shortly after formalizing the creation of Vyriel's Vanquishers, an elite Monster-Hunting Mercenary company, in an effort to get her true love, Ameiko, to notice that she existed.

Super Duper Rescue Heads!, by Deerhoof

After the first time she played it, the other Vanquishers threatened to mutiny if she ever played it again. But in her heart, it is still her theme song.

You have the greatest username ever. You might need some buffer solutions, though xD

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I kinda turned Sands' Theme from Once Upon a Time In Mexico into the theme for an Aldori Swordlord I built as an antagonist for the party's fighter in Kingmaker.

Monster Magnet's Ego the Living Planet kinda became the "Into the Abyss" jam in Wrath of the Righteous..

Armik's Gypsy Flame has served as background music in more than one Vistani/Varisian camp scene in my time.

Skulls & Shackles.

Forever, from After Forever was the song for a couple of elven NPCs from a campaign I run.
They married before a war, and she got pregnant, but she hid it from everybody so they allowed her to participate in the war.
She died and he survived, overwhelmed by grief. They couldn't resurrect her, but after some time she came back as an undead, seeking for revenge against her killers. She spied on him for a long time but she always remained hidden from him. So close yet so far.

Music is always fun.

Doctor Meiosa (CN Human Beastmorph Alchemist) hunts abominations so she can transplant their organs into her own body and gain their power. She is an absolute monstrosity when she lets loose on the battlefield.

Lisena Eureno (NG/N Vishkanya Viginalte) was a little girl when a criminal sacrificed himself to save her parents' lives. Inspired by that night, she dons the cowl of Dame Valens, the medusa-themed crime fighter.

The Agent (N Kitsune Unchained Rogue) is an expert infiltrator, using his race's knack for shape shifting to collect all sorts of secrets. He's also fond of the more "hands-on" work that the Society often requires.

Estrek the halfling (CN Halfling Unchained Summoner) was a former Chelaxian slave. Seeking catharsis from his past, he gleefully rides his abyssal companion V'Sarki into the heart of violent conflicts.

I really like yiur selection, Rosc. The songs crisply bring the personalities of your characters. Then again, I am very inclined to using video game music myself, so maybe I'm just also attached to the concept.

Liberty's Edge

Chester A. Arthur is a dwarven cleric-barbarian who's lost a lot of her friends to calamities like skeletons, piracy, capitalism, and demons. This song doubles as our death theme.

Gark the Goblin wrote:

I'm curious.

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Oh yeah... and I trot out "Blood Upon the Risers" at least once any time I run a character with a high-risk combat style...

Rub-Eta, the Grippli Alchemist. I don't know what mental issues this guy doesn't have.
Knight of the Red Destiny. Filled with regret, he's constantly pulled towards the darkness and blood.

Liberty's Edge

Aldrius wrote:
Gark the Goblin wrote:
I'm curious.

Those friends were two other dwarves who decided to stay and run a mine while the rest of the party continued their adventure.

. . . We may not have actually played In The Arms Of An Angel that time.

Perhaps something more industrious was in order?

We don't have individual character themes, but a group theme instead. It's the theme from the 70s television show "S.W.A.T.".

Theme from S.W.A.T.

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I might just be saving this for my inevitable chipper female cleric of Pharasma...

Got some more for you guys, this time for the factional leaders of Agrowan.

Chairman Mistra Fol (LN female android tech slinger 9) is an envoy of the new Black Sovereign in Numeria to Agrowan to oversee the industrialization and education efforts via the Agrowan Institute of Technology. Despises magic, seeing it as an obstacle for the true future of the world: technology.

Jeremy Blayton (CN male inquisitor of Gorum 10/celebrity 3) was once a Molthuni commissar in his youth, later becoming the leader of the lead singer of the band that invented heavy mithral, Hammer of Gorum. Now, he runs the Hall of Singing Iron, a large coliseum/auditorium that echoes with the throngs of glorious battle and the shattering strings of music alike.

Rhen Caylean (CG female gunslinger 10) is the rough-and-tumble leader of the Sons of Liberty, a militant Caylean sect looking to safeguard the freedoms of Agrowan one bullet at a time.

I'll post more some other time. For now, I am out of time.

When I played in a long-running Buffy/Angel game many years ago, the co-GMs really ran with the conceit that our game was a spinoff TV series set in a different part of the Buffyverse. PCs and NPCs were cast using real actors, and one of the GMs even mocked up a credits sequence--including theme song--using clips of our PCs' actors interspersed with stock clips from Buffy and Angel. We had a couple short spinoffs from the main series, and the GMs did the same with those.

I also had a number of songs that I associated with each character I played, and kept playlists of them to get into the mood. My first PC was a half-demon sorcerer based on a hybrid Deep One, so his play list included a lot of Darkest of the Hillside Thickets tracks (including, naturally, "The Innsmouth Look").

My second main PC (from the first spinoff) was a fencer and a drummer, so her playlist featured a lot of stuff with heavy-hitting drumlines. She also had a notoriously rocky love-life, so there was a lot of P!nk and similar attitude stuff on the list. She's probably the only character of mine who had her own personal anthem: "B-tch" by Meredith Brooks. (This is far from the first time that I've written about how playing her for so long permanently changed how I react to certain music.)

Oh, Meredith Brooks!!!
This one, my Children of Gaia galliard, had Pollyanne as one of her songs.

Alright, got more.

Kurnen Thunderblows (CN old male dwarf cleric of Gorum 14) is the true spiritual side of Hammer of Gorum, a grizzled veteran of over a dozen wars who saw in a vision a far greater service he could do for his god: gifting the world the music of heavy mithral to serenade the warriors in battle and stir their spirits into greater fervor.

Raymond Chandler (LE male middle aged human cult leader warpriest of Norgorber 17) is an influential businessman owning a large trading company based in Agrowan. Unknown to all, he is also the Grand Raptor, the hidden master of the Court of Owls, a secret organization seeking to gain influence and control over Agrowan through the use of well-placed political puppets, assassinations, fear, and information control. Also has a combat theme.

June Khavken (LG female middle aged human battle scout ranger 13) is the bastard daughter of Father Jhod Kavken. Recognized before her father passed away, Father Jhod endured the scandal of his indiscretion and raised her. She has survived more forays into the Hooktongue Blight than any other member of the Deadeye Compact, and it is only through grim perseverance that she has not gone mad from the grief of all the friends she has lost to its evil.

Ethan Farrenal (NG middle aged male human lycanthrope cleric of Ewan 10) is one of the many children of Ewan Farrenal, one of the founders of Agrowan who would grow to become patron god of redeemed werefolk through ascension via the Starstone Trial. Much more tempered than the rest of his brothers and sisters both in blood and faith, Ethan wants nothing more than to see his father's nation heal and grow prosperous with unity and tolerance for all. Yet, in times of danger, he has never hesitated to bare his fangs in defense of those same goals.

Music for my Dwarvish Battlesmith

Aldrius wrote:
I really like yiur selection, Rosc. The songs crisply bring the personalities of your characters. Then again, I am very inclined to using video game music myself, so maybe I'm just also attached to the concept.

Thanks! Yeah, game songs do a really good job at helping to define characters. Sometimes I can just listen to a track and use that to get an idea of how to get in the right mindset. Now, let's have a few other examples...

Avarice (N Varisian Aether Kineticist) is a pretty chill guy, happy to make lots of money in adventuring and (mostly) honest side business. Don't let the friendly demeanor fool you, though. He's capable of mass destruction.

Commodore Riamora Spiritsong (N Half Elf Witch of Pharasma) commands her crews from the deck of her flagship, the Spiral Dancer. She searches the seas for those lost souls in need of rest, and works to lead them towards the Boneyard. She also works with Pathfinders, as musty tombs and ancient ruins are common havens for undead.

Lady Priscilla Northwind (CG Sylph Kensai Magus) is a free spirit who travels for knowledge, excitement, and a chance to practice her fencing. Being a Sylph, she has a strong sympathy for outsiders who are forced into servitude and will take any opportunity to set these great beings free.

Xallis the Summoner (N Chelaxian Summoner) has developed the power to conjure and command beings from beyond the material plane, and the spoiled man sees himself as deserving of such privileges. He delights in using his summoned minions to complete tasks both harrowing and mundane. His greatest pride lies in his lovely assistant, Navia, a vain woman who loves to make use of her powerful mutations and predatory armaments. She also delights in the visceral sensation of having her body modified by Xallis' magic.

I forgot about this! I wanted to post up a few of my current (and some recent) characters. Noted the campaign too in case you want to go in blind and would like to avoid any and all spoilers.

Doctor Alphonse Clover (NG Human Promethean Disciple Alchemist, Kingmaker)

wants to be a king of a kingdom where no one has to suffer anymore under the yoke of hard work and in defense of their nation. He believes that a kingdom should serve its people, not the other way around and is dedicated to creating a machine nation where mining, logging, warfare doesn't have to risk the lives of its citizens.

"A kingdom should protect her people, the people shouldn't protect the kingdom."

Zio Flashwing (LG Half Elf Shaman Hinterlander of Erastil, Second Darkness)

has a debt to the small villages and hamlets near Crying Leaf, that he would protect them no matter the cost. When he finds out that the dark elves are returning, he pulls up his bow, and makes the hard choice to leave everything behind to save the biggest community of them all. Exiled from Crying Leaf due to his darkvision and spell resistance, he resents elves somewhat, but also knows that patience and understanding are key to healing all wounds.

"Yeah, no problem man."

Milady de Sommes (CE Half-Elf Necroccultist Occultist (VMC Possessed Sorcerer), Skull and Shackles)

searches for the a way to remove the curse placed upon her body and bind the powerful possessing spirit that lies within. She is ruthless, calculating and superstitious of the gods and the spirits that lie in the water. She has dreams to become the Hurricane King, prove her worth and make anyone who crosses her suffer for it. Despite these tendencies, she is extremely loyal to those who serve her and always has a desire to fight on to get what she wants.

"Kneel before I flay you and force your bones to."

Sifara Toriel Holland (LN Elf Cartomancer Witch (Accursed Corruption), Reign of Winter)

has a pact with the Witch Queen Baba Yaga for life re-given. Thrice she made deals and only twice they have been paid for, Sif is a witch of Irrisen who wishes to exact revenge on the Irrisen witches for dragging her beloved back to the politics of White Throne when she vowed to never return. Now she is on a warpath to free Baba Yaga, and destroy those who stole her children, husband and future; knowing full well the price of this chance. She dreads that in the end, she may have to stop her friends from doing something foolish with her Patron, and that is the hardest price to pay.

"Duty holds me, and Dear Grandmother is my only duty now."

Juzam Al-Khalim (LE Ifrit Wishcrafter Sorcerer, Curse of the Crimson Throne),


grew up in the Plane of Fire, right in the City of Brass as a slave. Was found by a decaying house who recognized his power (and a potential loophole in the laws), and he fought tooth and nail in the politics of the City to increase his family's trade, power and prestige. After seeing the death of his only friend (and family slave) to the hands of the Efreeti, he decided that they should all die and he redoubled his efforts, gaining power but before having a chance to exact his revenge gets dragged to the Material Plane by a certain Binder in Korvosa, who's botched summoning ruined his power. Now he has set off to strike deals, consolidate his wealth and power and honour the single Wish of each party member that he promised.

"I am Juzam Al-Khalim." *Sweeping bow*

I like to use music a lot during Shadowrun, one of my favourites was at the end of Splintered State, Threading the Needle.


Right before the Brackhaven run (a near suicidal run on a AA Corporation), I played this to set them up, describing the whole situation, prepping their weapons, their ammunition, gear and getting into the truck to get to the meet spot. They grew up playing the old games and books, so getting revenge for "Jake Armitage" was a big deal for them. Building up the ride and the journey to the staging ground for the run, climaxing when the drums hit ("And you jump.") and they fly off the Sky Needle with gliders to reach the unsecured rooftop. The tail end describing the descent, the rush and what is below in the streets.

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A while ago, I played Valeria Baladin, a Varisian hidden priest of Desna who lived in Cheliax... where open worship of Desna was illegal. She pretended to be a bard, and made her living as an intinerant fiddler and troubadour, covertly spreading Desna's message of freedom and liberation.

Valeria's typical setlist
(Full playlist on Spotify)

And here's the themesong for Zoreck, my Numerian gunslinger:

The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone (from soundtrack of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

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One I dust off for epic feats of magic, character somewhat irrelevant: A Dazzling End (from the Doctor Who relaunch's fourth series)

Jack Hart (superhero tag, Jack O'Hearts, because of course it was), an artificially preserved WWII superhero from Mutants & Masterminds- unlike Captain America, he didn't skip the intervening years, and appears to be about 40 while he's actually well over 100. Very much the mean old man of the East Bay Irregulars- Gods and Punks

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