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Hi there,

I've checked the FAQ and couldn't find the answer: Does the removal of cards after the game ends (while getting the character decks ready for the next adventure) counts as "Banishing"?

Specifically: Can you remove completely from the game the basic cards that you have adquired during play after reaching the 3rd adventure?

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Negative. Cards you acquired but don't keep are not banished.

See this thread.

I've also posted a "removed from game" card tracking sheet that has the rules about what is banished on BGG. You can get it here.

Thanks! I had totally forgotten about closing locations, so it seemed to me that you'd only banish cards once in a blue moon.

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Hawkmoon's list is comprehensive, but I'd remind: you don't -have- to acquire something. If you see a mace or longsword or whatever, just lose it and banish it straight-off.

And remember that all cards left in locations AFTER the scenario ends (say temp closing a couple locations to trap the villain) DO get banished which is pretty much the only you would ever be able to get rid of BotG's in a large party game (you really need the extra explore it gives).

I was under the impression that you had to actually close the location or encounter and defeat a villain at a location in order to banish the cards there. Just curious, where is the rule/FAQ/Errata that supports the banish cards left in locations when the scenario ends? I thought that they went back into the box.

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Your impression was correct. Cards left when the game ends, be they at open or temporarily closed locations are not banished. You do get to banish the cards in the villain's location when you defeat him with nowhere to flee and win the scenario, but all other cards stay in the game.

For the specifics of this, the rulebook on page 18 says that when you defeat the villain you close his location and banish all the cards in it, then you check to see if he can flee. If he can't, you win. No explicit mention of what happens to cards in locations that were open or temporarily closed until you get to page 19 and read "Once you've completed a scenario, whether you win or lose, rebuild your character deck (see Between Games, below). Put all other cards back into the box."

This covers the blessing deck, blessing discard, location cards, scenario card, adventure card, adventure path card, the villain, cards still in locations, whether they be open, temporarily closed or closed (i.e. the general store), and all the cards you acquired but didn't keep when rebuilding your deck. If it didn't include all those cards then technically the game rules would require you to keep cards lying on your table for eternity. I'm not sure about you, but at least in my house that would be problematic as I need that table for my family to eat at.

The link I have above to the docs I have at bgg will give you a sheet to track them and all the rules, with citations, about what is banished and what is not banished.

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Here is the text of the rules about banishing I included on my sheet in case anyone doesn't want to download it (I tried to make it look very nice though, so hopefully you will like it). Most of this is on the thread I linked to above, but I'm posting it again since I made some slight tweaks after a few things were clarified.

When Cards Are Banished

  • Failing to acquire a boon. (pp 8, 9 & 15)
  • Defeating an encountered bane. (pp. 9 & 10)
  • Defeating a summoned bane. (p 13)
  • When removing cards left in a location after closing it. (p 13)
  • Cards left in a dead character’s deck after the scenario ends. (p 14)
  • When removing cards from the location after defeating the villain, regardless of whether he escapes or not. (p 18)
  • When a card's power tells you to do so.

Examples of Cards That Instruct To Banish:

  • Items (particularly common in potions).
  • Spells (particularly for those without the required magic skill).
  • Some allies.
  • As part of the "At this location" rule for some locations.
  • As the closing requirement for some locations.
  • As the when closed requirement for some locations.

When Cards Are Not Banished:

  • Cards in your deck not kept after the scenario. (p 19)
  • Random cards drawn from the box to fulfill the requirement of another card, but which did not meet the requirement. (p 13)See Note 1
  • When a location is open or temporarily closed and the scenario ends. (p 19)See Note 2

Things To Keep In Mind

  • A location or scenario may instruct you to not banish a bane when defeated. In that case you do not banish the bane.
  • The choice to remove the card from the game is required for banes but optional for boons. You may decide to not remove the boon and simply return it to the box when banished.

  • 1-For example the spell Charm Person instructs you to draw a random human ally. If you draw an ally with the animal trait, draw again until you draw a human ally. Then put the other ones back in the box, they are not banished. Pit of Malfeshnekor should be noted here too since its power does instruct you to banish the cards you do not chose.
  • 2-Ending a Scenario, Adventure, or Adventure Path. “Once you’ve completed a scenario, whether you win or lose, rebuild your character deck (see Between Games, below). Put all other cards back into the box.”

Wow, thank you Hawkmoon. I love detailed answers :) I'll check out the BGG stuff. Although, to be honest, there was a part of me that was hoping otherwise.

And I just noticed one can upvote posts. Have a +1 :)

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That is an excellent list.

Holy awesome on that banished card list, Hawkmoon. My daughter has been handwriting them and while great practice for her penmanship, she'll be thrilled to use your sheets.

Many thanks for the efforts,

Ben (and lil' Abby)

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
If it didn't include all those cards then technically the game rules would require you to keep cards lying on your table for eternity. I'm not sure about you, but at least in my house that would be problematic as I need that table for my family to eat at.

Glad to be of service!

Ok, I'm confused (just when I thought I had all the rules nailed down).

It seems you guys are referring to two different levels of "banished". Or maybe two different levels of "back in the box".

When we banish a card, we put it back in the box with all the other unused cards that did not make it to a character deck, blessing deck or location deck.

When we complete the game, any cards in our character decks that are unwanted go back in the box to their source decks.

Unused cards in locations decks go back to the box to their source decks.

The blessing deck goes back to the box to its source deck.

Basically between scenarios, ALL cards are back in their source decks in the box other than our player decks. They are ALL eligible to be used again in the next scenario.

Is that not correct? Is there a different level of "in the box" that separates banished and un-banished cards?

Thanks in advance

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Starting with deck 3, yes there is a practical and important difference between banished and back in the box.

Look at the adventure path card and you will see that in deck 3, when you banish a card with the basic trait, there are rules about removing it from the game, as in never to be encountered again. But that only happens when you banish it per the rules. Not just when you put them back in the box.

Therefore it becomes necessary to know when something is banished, so you can know whether or not to remove it from the game.

In practice you will probably even put the removed cards back in the box, just because you need a place to keep them. So you will need a way to keep them separated or noted, hence why I made a sheet to track what I have removed from the game.

Oooohhh, gothca! Thanks so much Hawkmoon. I didn't catch that this was related to the adventure 3 rule of the adventure path (we aren't there yet). Thanks for the clarification.

Maybe in the rule book we need an additional card state called "Removed From Game" then (on page 10).

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