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In a couple of the premade spellbooks included in Ultimate Magic, the 5th level Wizard spell comet is included. Here's an example linked from the PRD.

I've checked UM, the core books, a good portion of the splatbooks, searched the PRD and the PFSRD, and even checked in 3.5 material, and I don't see this spell included anywhere. Am I overlooking it? Or was it most likely a spell that was cut but overlooked in the premade spellbook listings?

If you take a look at the UM faq, there are a ton of 'where is this' questions, and they all have the same, or similar answers.

Cut in development.

I'd wager that if you cannot find it, it was likely cut and like all the others, simply wasn't edited properly.

Just a guess.

Bummer, it sounds pretty epic.

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You will find at least some of the missing cantrips in a blog made after UM was published.
I don't think that the spell come was published anywhere.

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