GM working on gameplay for after the end of Shattered Star.


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I am a Gm running a Shattered Star adventure path (we are just finishing book 4) and am working up ideas for the party for after they defeat Xin.

My main idea has to do with the parties interest in the runelords and wishing to find them and defeat them. Now I know the locations and stats of 2 of them and from other threads know the basics so I can create the remaining ones.
I have been reading through the books and want to use the Silent Devotees (also the corrupted version that are the Sweettalkers) the Therassic order of the Green Feather and many of the sites of ancient Thassalon.

Now I have created a big bad for them to fight against who is an Azlanti who is awakened when the Star is put together (along with the awakening of the runelords). Now this Azlanti bad guy is lvl 30 and uses word magic and at some point i will have him appear to the party and take the star from their possession (he intends to use it to power the orb floating above Nal-Vashkin (the sun temple colony) and use it against the Aboleths and he doesn't care who gets in his way. he won't work with the runelords as he considers them outcasts.

I'm thinking that Lissala and the Peacock Spirit might be one and the same.
Also, have one party member whos going after the swords of sin and I am working on a weapon thats an amalgamation of them all for after he redeems them/destroys them.

Any ideas and comments would be helpful.

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