What do I buy?

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Here is the situation; I'm in a game store that has a store credit system. I just sold excess Magic the Gathering cards and gained $70 in store credit. This store also sells Pathfinder products and will order/preorder products for me.

What should I buy?

What I own already:

Core Rulebook (beaten condition)
Advanced Player's Guide
Advanced Race Guide
GameMastery Guide
Bestiary 1,2,3 and 4.
Bestiary 1 and 2 Pawns
NPC Codex
NPC Codex Pawns Box.
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Campaign
Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Equipment
Mythic Adventures

Inner Sea World Guide
Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition (new, not yet played)
Inner Sea Magic

Player Compainions-
Magical Marketplace
Adventurer's Armory
Blood of Fiends
Blood of Angels
Knights of the Inner Sea
Blood of the Night
Animal Archive
Dungeoneer's Handbook
Champions of Purity
Quests and Campaigns
Faiths and Philosophies
Mythic Origins
Blood of the Moon

(The companions are selective because I avoided things that were too dramatically Golarian specific, or specific to a core race. )

Gamemastery Condition Cards.

Pathfinder Card Game + the expansions.

I'm good on playmats, markers and Minis. Alternatively I can purchase obscure snacks/soda. I can only spend the money here, I cannot exchange it for any amount of cash. I can only gain physical copies that can be ordered.

What do I buy?

Sovereign Court

What do you buy indeed? Since you have so many products already maybe you can help us out by telling us what you need/like to have.

Combat options and out of combat crunch I guess. or just products to make GMing a lot easier. I haven't really explored the campaign setting line but it looks like outside of Inner Sea Magic its almost 100% fluff which the Inner Sea World Guide does in spades and is useless during homebrews.

Things that help players is good too. my players often have trouble remembering ANYTHING their character does.after sixth level.

Save part of the credit for the advanced class guide, expected August 2014 and buy expansions for the pathfinder card game for the remainder.

Sovereign Court

combat tracker is pretty neat. I use my laptop but one of my players loves using it.

Also, +1 to magabeus's idea

The Rise of the Runelords pawn box is pretty nifty to have.

Magabeus has a solid idea, but if you have to spend it before those things come out....

Having more than one copy of the CRB is always a good bet.
Maybe some boxes with foam to store special minis. Alternately pick up some paint and brushes for painting the minis. Do you have the really big minis for RotR?

If your store carries it, Hero Lab? But it would cost you some extra to get more than the CRBs for it. It would help players track everything and then you would have a copy of their characters.

I also like the combat tracker! Quite nice. Makes it really easy, imo.

I can get behind Advanced Class Guide if you, and the store, can wait that long.

The Inner Sea NPC Codex is good but does us Prestige Classes from Golarion.

I thought the Chase cards were good and they are coming out with another set this year.

Critical hit and miss decks?

I do want to avoid waiting to spend the store credit because all the things that I know for sure I want from the 2014 product catalog is being preordered and I get a 30% discount. this money is a different source so I don't get the discount. Advanced Class Guide is on that list so I want to get that on discount money than this money.

Would it be possible for them to order these?

They have them for cones also and I think a pack that has some of both. They have made casting spells much easier for my players.

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