Looking for a player in Western MA

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Southern Berkshire County, to be specific. I've got an open slot in my twice a month Sunday afternoon game. Possibly two, due to a potential player who is a bit wishy-washy about it.

The game borders on the side of ridiculously overpowered PCs. Pathfinder & D&D 3.5 gestalt, using Pathfinder as the base rule set with D&D 3.5 filling specific gaps. Wealth by level table is out the window! And since the game takes place on multiple planets in Golarion's solar system, there are Spelljammer style space ships as well as some highly advanced alien ships & other tech floating about if you are lucky enough to find it.

Being that forewarned is forearmed, I will say that I tend to throw out verbal & visual puns (I once even ran an entire adventure for the sole purpose of creating an in game verbal pun which took place during an in game visual pun where the entire situation was an out of game pun). So, if that's not your thing, I'm sorry.

If there's anyone in the area that is available on Sunday afternoons and would like to play, let me know.

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