Paladin Archtype Choice for Holy Vindicator Build


Silver Crusade

As the title says, I'm looking for a Paladin archtype for an HV build. I need 4 levels of Paladin, and remember that channeling and spellcasting are requirements of HV, so they can not be switched out. Is there an archtype out there (let's say PFS legal) that would be appropriate, either from a theme viewpoint or from an optimized one? The build also has 2 levels of monk.

Silver Crusade

Still kinda working on this...I'm stuck between 2 ideals...

2 levels of monk (MoMS and MotSM)...Crane Riposte is 6 levels earlier( so gained at level 3), plus a +1 natural armor. Negative is that I lose 1 BAB and slows entry to Holy Vin by 1 level.


1 level of fighter (Unarmed)...Crane Riposte at level 9. Fastest entry into Holy Vind. No BAB loss, but lose the +1 Nat Armor.

So holy vind swinging a 9section whip. Any advise? Without changing the concept of the build...

Scarab Sages

If you are set on a nine section whip, you need Unarmed Fighter to get prof. or you need to waste a feat on it.

As for paladin archetypes, Hospitaler seems the way to go, as they don't make you use LoH uses to channel energy, and the HV is all about using Channel Smite.

Silver Crusade

the feat burn for the whip is built into the 2 level of monk build.

Goblinworks Game Designer

I had a lot of success with an oracle of life / paladin / HV. I think he was Oracle 4, Paladin 2, then HV. He was an aasimar and I used his favored class bonus (Oracle) to keep his oracle channel at his character level. Lose a single 'cleric' level and your channeling starts to smell bad. With a phylactery of positive channeling and full cleric level it is a weapon. With dropped cleric levels and a phylactery its a bonus. With only dropped cleric levels its a distraction in combat and a bonus out of it.

He was CHURNING out channels (I took alignment channel (evil) which proved super-handy in a campaign full of evil outsiders) as well as being a pretty nifty healer. Mostly he was a front line fighter but with Quick Channel and safe curing he was a good a sturdy band-aid.

Silver Crusade

i don't want oradin for this one.

Silver Crusade

shining knight?

Silver Crusade

Think more mortification of the flesh.

Silver Crusade

Shining knight- in the outside he is shiny white and pure, but under the armor hides a scarred body. He puts on a display for the people. He gets things done either way though!.

Silver Crusade

But shining knight is mounted. Mechanically. I'm looking for front line melee, hard to hit, looking for inner peace through service to his deity. And if his enemies can't hit him, then he will whip himself during his prayers.

Silver Crusade

well. If you are dead set on vindicator... hm. If not. look into the monk. That's pretty much a monk through and through.

on a side note. perhaps look into sacred shield paladin? he forms and bond with his shield and is more about protecting the goodly folk than vanquishing evil.

Silver Crusade

Sacred Shield won't work because it loses channel energy, a requirement for HV.

PS: Really really close to an excellent idea.

Silver Crusade

Divine Defender?

Silver Crusade

Sacred bonuses won't stack.

Silver Crusade adin-archetypes

best I got. these are all the types of paladins. dig around see if you like anything.

Silver Crusade

I dug. I didn't like anything. But vanilla paladin didn't scream awesome either. I don't know. Here's what I got...

Human, using a Sansetsukon
1 Paladin, Fey Foundling, Dodge
2 Pal
3 Monk, Crane Style, Crane Riposte(bonus)
4 Pal
5 Monk, Exotic Proficiency 9section whip, Crane Wing(bonus)
(start using whip)
6 Pal
7 HV, Alignment Channel
8 HV rest of the way...

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