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One of the bestial features of the ragebred is two hoof natural attacks. Can these be gained with claws ( as per the lesser beast totem power) if one were to say the hooves are on the wereboar's feet, and in that sense would they also be able to wear horseshoe wondrous items?

As I understand it the hoof attacks would always be on the feet and by this combinable with claws on the hands.
About the horseshoes: Most horseshoes state that you have to wear all four to gain the effect.


As such are these hooves treated as secondary attacks as normal hoof attacks are? I wish it was clarified in the racial description better.

Hooves are secondary natural weapons. Go with the claws, those are primary natural weapons.

Why not have both? And the gore attack on top? Add multiattack and you're good to go.

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