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Is the longhammer considered part of the hammer weapon group for Society play? I'd like to make a dwarven foehammer that uses one, but as far as I can find, none of the weapons in the ARG are part of any weapon groups at all, RAW.

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It should be. It's a hammer after all, albeit with a longer handle.

Hammer and Polearm groups both fit it. Good thing a weapon can be in two groups without issue, so I don't see a problem.

The question was asked before here, but no answer given.

My advice would be to ask your GM before the game starts to be sure he's ok with it.

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This dinnae be the type of thread I thought it'd be...

Rodrik the Blunt wrote:
This dinnae be the type of thread I thought it'd be...

With a name like that, I'm surprised you wandered in.

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Given that this is PFS, having a RAW answer would be nice. Unfortunately, UE was released after the ARG and the fighter weapon group in that book still lacks longhammers. So getting a RAW on this might have to wait until some UE errata (or another book) comes out.

The good news, is that it isn't in the polearm group either. Given that it's just a long earth breaker, I doubt many GMs would give you a hard time for assuming it falls into the hammer weapon group as well.

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