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I am (still) trying to "update" an old deathknight NPC from an old game into Pathfinder, and the changed rules are still presenting problems. I need this to work without hombrew (problem solved!) or 3rd party stuff if possible, please.
The Facts:
It would seem that most graveknights are generated spontaneously from fallen warriors rarely at their own behest- some even wishing the curse removed:

Relevent Graveknight Facts:
Unlike liches, graveknights almost never plan this return from their last battle. It happens, seemingly spontaneously and at random, to people totally unprepared for an undead existence. Wedded to the physical world but deprived of all sensual pleasure by their deathless state, graveknights deal with their transformation in a variety of ways. Some take up or resume the service of dark gods or more powerful evil creatures in the hope that their patrons will eventually deign to lift their curse, while others simply resume where they left off, seeking dominion over mortals and the exhilaration of crushing their enemies. Still others spend their days careening between futile attempts to recapture the heady exhilaration of battle and wrestling with the tedium of their actual existence. Acting in part out of habit, these latter warriors recreate the horrors and atrocities that once excited them, but taste nothing but ash for their trouble. Unable to accept that they will never again feel a surge of adrenaline or the heady thrill of triumph, they wade ever deeper into the carnage, blood, and misery that defined their mortal lives.

...and while this transformation may claim both villain and fallen hero alike, we are more commonly presented (in discussion) the far more rare variant- the willing aspirant:
Variant Graveknight Facts:
While most graveknights arise spontaneously from the armor of sadistic warlords and fallen champions, there are methods by which evil men and women can deliberately transform themselves into these powerful undead lords, in much the same way some spellcasters seek to become liches. as it established that far more graveknights are unwillingly reanimated, and that some of these were fallen heroes, and some of these strain to be relieved of their curse:

The Gnawing Questions:
1. Is there any documentation of a fallen hero being unwillingly reanimated as a graveknight? Spoilers, or just an affirmative response with a reference, please.

2. What circumstances could result in such an unwilling reanimation of a fallen hero? Alternately, would a Good or Evil god curse a failed disciple thusly? If so, who?

3. Is there any possibility for the removal of this curse, and possible restoration to humanity? Perhaps (and least importantly) years beyond the ken of resurrection?

Thanks in advance, if you can help me tie up these loose ends!

1. No

2. Maybe he made a deal with an evil patron, not knowing the consequences. If he failed to live up to his end of the bargain the curse may be there to force him to stay "alive" until it is completed.

3. You can kill an undead, but you need True Resurrection to bring them back to life as a person. IIRC. I dont think Resurrection alone is enough, but the rulebook can tell you that.

1. No. The requirements for purposely creating a graveknight make it more or less impossible for someone to become one unwillingly, as I recall.

Not true, Iplore. That is what is commonly proposed, but my spoilers above (which I should have referenced- apologies) came from Undead Revisited. That was my sticking point in converting a death knight into a graveknight before, until this was in clear print

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We already have a person in Golarion who was turned into a Lich against her will.

An unwilling champion turned Graveknight is something I wouldn't consider completely impossible.

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Yeah, weren't the Knights of Ozem that went rescue Arazni turned into Graveknights? So, there you go..

A graveknight could be one unwillingly because of a deal he made, or maybe a powerful curse.

I came up with an idea where this graveknight guy is cursed to attack the living, rule over mortals and the dead, etc, but the old true self is still able to think/see/even talk, as his past self, as long as it doesn't compromise the goal of the patron or whatever

Any ideas as to circumstances for such a curse? Or a possible cure?

Could be that an evil mage wished that the next time his nemesis fell in battle that it would rise as an evil undead being. Making the likelihood that the knight would be brought back very remote and sowing chaos at the same time.

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