first time carrion crown grave touch witch



I'll be starting carrion crown soon (no spoilers plz) and would like to hear ideas people had to help me make a kick butt grave witch for it. Mostly looking for feats & hex to take.
also 25 point buy.

thank you all look forward to your build ideas.

Do you know what the rest of your party is going to be?

I'm playing Carrion Crown right now with a detective bard, and none of our party has any real anti-undead focus and we are doing fine so far. My bard has been very useful with research, perception/searching and social skills working with NPCs.

pc will be a shield fighter, trip rogue and a sorcerer not sure what blood line

come on no one has any build ideas ? this is sad

I dont know much about Witches and what you mean Grave Witch

Can you play the Changeling Race?

grave touch witch archtype

just ph races

I dont think that might be the best class to play in Carrion Crown

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