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My group just finished CoCT two months ago and after voting choose to do this one. I can tell from discussions they like the feel of Gangs of Riddleport idea.

I have a lot of partial ideas at this point. Bringing in a "Skullport" like city underneath Riddleport that is ran by Duegar. One of the PCs is playing this race so I am going to substitute them for some of the elves I think.

My main idea is to have Elias Tammerhawk be one of the antagonists through out the storyline. His obsession with the gate has lead him into an alliance with the drow. The drow are of course using him, but he wants what he wants...knowledge and power.

Book 1 and 2 look good as is...its three on that I will have to well tweak seems like an understatement. I am thinking the battle will take place in the darklands outside of the Duegar city. The Duegar will be battling with the drow and this will draw in the PCs due to their fellow Duegar PCs plight. Also I was thinking the Overlord and Avery have some connections to the place.

Looking for some help to flush this out more. Really want to give my players what they want and not railroad them into a story line they wont like. I know this might leave me with a lot of work, but that is okay. Its for the love of the game. So give me some ideas/ advice.

Also I am looking for write ups of Elias Tammerhawk and the other crimelords. Does anyone know if these are anywhere? Or if I will have to create them?

Thanks for the help

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