Soundtracking your Pathfinder game and LGS music issues


What(if any) music do you feel best fits your roleplaying experience, and what (if any) music do you prefer while playing? As an avid metalhead, I prefer black or viking metal, heavier/faster stuff for battles, perhaps instrumentals for more relaxed scenes, or just medieval music.

An issue we have is the guy who works at the LGS on PFS days plays 90's hip-hop R&B (crap, IMO) which totally destroys our immersion. I'm probably gonna talk to him about this, but with the knowledge that not everyone loves the metal like I do, I'd first like to get a sample of what might be a suitable alternative (if not metal/medieval like I prefer).

Will Smith, badass that he is, is much better acting IN a battle scene against monsters/aliens/robots than rapping a soundtrack to mine, lol

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