Is a Wolf Mount Standard or Exotic?

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I'm looking at Military Saddles... and honestly.. the rules seem a bit incomplete in this area.

  • There are no alternate weights for Large vs Medium mounts.
  • There are no clear definitions for what is 'exotic' and what are 'standard' mounts.

So my questions:
Are saddles like 'clothing' for Large mounts and therefore the weights scale?
Which mounts are 'exotic' and which are 'standard'? Specifically, is a wolf or riding dog 'exotic'?
A standard exotic military saddle (for a large mount) weighs 40 lbs.
A standard military saddle weighs 30 lbs.

If this functions like worn gear for small creatures.. then
A medium exotic military saddle would weigh 20 lbs.
A medium military saddle would weigh 15 lbs.

Well, this is a rather good question. The best answer I can give you is that, due to the fact that the paladin, cavalier, and mounted fury barbarian (& etc.) mount features give wolves (or riding dogs, which should be similar enough at medium size) as a default option, then they are likely the standard mounts within communities of small sized races.

For what qualifies as 'exotic'...well, an easy definition would be any animal that is not a standard option in the various mount class features. So horses, ponies, camels, riding dogs, wolves, and boars are standard mounts. Anything else is not commonly used as mounts by any of the common races, so they are considered exotic.

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I would tend to think so too...

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No 'official' answers on any of this?

Mount classification is left to the GM. In a civilization where everybody rides giant ostriches, their riding kits would likely be priced as standard, while the almost mythical Ho-Orse of Plaines would only be ridable with an exotic saddle, as few crafters would be specialized in such gear. In a more "typical" campaign world, horses, camels, ponies, and possibly riding dogs and/or elephants are the most likely to be considered "standard", with nearly everything else being "exotic". But it's the GM's job to decide what's what.

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I would tend to agree with you to some extent but that doesn't really work for Society play.

I would say this is normal because there is nothing about a Wolf that is 'different' from a horse as far as movement, form, etc. It is a quadraped with standard movement forms.

To me, exotic is either unusual form (bipedal or winged mount) or unusual movement mode (climbing or flying).

If it's for PFS play, then ask your Venture Captain. The rules deliberately leave this up to the GM.

And the fact that wolves are close enough to horses and the more common riding dog in form and movement (as well as their status as a default option for small races) should be enough to make a safe argument for their status as 'standard mounts' to the Venture Captain.

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They really should resolve the size/weight thing... (as well as the what is normal and what is exotic) ...they have published enough Equipment books that it should have been handled somewhere.

Thanks for your input guys.

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