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I'm currently in the process of building a cavalier who is intended to become a battle herald. I'm looking for the way to maximize the effects of this action, if I was to become one of the Dragon.

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So.. I could go the body guard cavalier, with the trait that increases aid another to ac by +2 giving me something like +6 to my allies AC

Take the Swift Aid feat so you can perform two Aid Another actions per turn, albeit one at reduced efficacy.

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If you can use traits from Champions of Purity, I recommend the Helpful (combat) trait. If your character is a halfling, the race trait Helpful (halfling) (from Halflings of Golarion) is even better. The former changes the recipient's bonus from +2 to +3; the latter changes the bonus to +4.

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If you can get a familiar take the Valet, it gains some nice abilities for aid another. That way you can aid up to two people a round or at later levels help the entire team.

benevolent armor and weapons are a good idea. in addition get a spell like power that has an increasing caster level to get arcane strike. there is a set of gloves in ultimate equipment that increases you aid other bonus with your arcane strike damage.


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So you want to maximize Aid Another?

Bard (Arcane Duelist) 1 / Cavalier (Honor Guard) 4 / Battle Herald 10


By going Arcane Duelist, you get Arcane Strike as a bonus feat. You want this because of the gloves of arcane striking, which allows Arcane Strike to buff the aid another action. More caster levels via bard buff Arcane Strike, and thereby buff the bonus the gloves give you, but its arguable on whether or not is worth taking those extra levels.


Honor Guard, as you noted, is absolutely required to be the very best at aid another. In addition to giving you Bodyguard as a bonus feat, the Intercept ability also increases the AC bonus that you give your allies with the aid another action. Going Order of the Dragon will also net you an additional +1 to the bonuses you give with aid another, but fully investing into Order of the Dragon is not worth doing; why wait until 8th level and 14th level for additional bonuses when you can multiclass bard and also go ....

Battle Herald:

Battle Herald. It is a beast at Aid Another actions because of its Inspiring Command. The teamwork option of inspiring command should be your first pick, because it allows you to add your inspiring command bonus not only on attack rolls and skill checks when MAKING an aid another action, but it also adds your inspiring command bonus to the BONUS you provide to your allies.

When you get your 1st level of Battle Herald at level 7, you're looking at the following bonus:

2 + 1 (Order of the Dragon) + 1 (Arcane Strike w/ gloves) + 1 (Inspiring Command) = +5 bonus (+6 if aiding target's AC b/c of Intercept)

Every 3 Battle Herald levels, the maximum bonus you provide increases by another +1, up to +9 to AC or +8 to attack rolls or skill checks at 15th level.

Magic Items:

But you're still not done. A ring of tactical precision further increases the bonus you give by a flat +1, and if you can convince your allies to wear a copy of the ring too, THEY increase the bonus received by +1.

In addition, grab a benevolent weapon and a suit of benevolent armor (or a benevolent shield). With those magic item properties, you increase the aid another bonus that you give for attack rolls (weapon) or AC (armor) by the item's enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +5.

So if you and your allies are totally tricked out, your bonus could be as high as this at 15th level:

2 + 1 (Order) + 1 (Arcane Strike w/gloves) + 4 (Inspiring Command), + 1 (ring) = +9 (skills) +14 (attack rolls w/ benevolent) or +15 (AC w/Intercept and benevolent) If you are wearing a ring of tactical precision, increase those numbers by +1. If the aided ally is wearing a ring of tactical prevision, increase those numbers by +1.

Other Options:

Depending on how crazy you want to go, there are two other options you can take that are worth mentioning.

The first option is the Cloistered Cleric, who has several cool things going for him. First, the cleric gets the ability to use aid another at a range of 30 feet for one level in the class; something no one else can do. Second, the cloistered cleric can take the tactician variant channel energy, which adds the character's channel bonus (+1 per channel energy die) to the bonus provided by aid another actions that all of your allies use. Because this takes a standard action to pull off, its better if someone else who isn't you takes this variant channel, such as a cleric/paladin cohort. (A paladin cohort with the holy tactician and tactician variant channeling could be very awesome for your build.)

The other option, which is much better than the cloistered cleric, in my opinion, is to grab levels of Golden Legionnaire. In addition to netting you another +1 to your aid another bonus (something you could also get by going four more levels into bard via the gloves of arcane striking), the class has a bonus of neat bonus feats and special abilities. In addition, the Golden Legionnaire's prerequisites are extremely easy to qualify for.

As for feats, the only ones you really need are the aforementioned Bodyguard feat, but you might want to consider the following:

Swift Aid: I'd personally rule that all of your bonuses still work with Swift Aid, in which case you can use aid another on an ally at a -1 penalty to the provided bonus. I could see it ruled otherwise, however. You need Combat Expertise, but an aid another character doesn't care about penalties to attack rolls.

Combat Reflexes: More attacks of opportunity means more opportunities to use Bodyguard.

Team Up: This is another "use aid another faster" feat. Not only do you need Combat Expertise again (which you needed for Swift Aid anyway), but Gang Up isn't a bad feat to begin with. If you are going to give a feat to your allies via the ring or tactician, this is an excellent choice.


You need Perfect Aid, as it provides a huge bonus to aid another. Adding your tier to your aid another bonus (maximum +10) is incredible. Adding your surge result to your tier for spending mythic power (another +12 if you are lucky) is insane.

Heroic Block is another Marshal path ability that is worth taking, as its basically makes the Bodyguard feat ridiculous by allowing you to zip around the battlefield to protect an ally.

You will also likely want Mythic Combat Reflexes, as it allows you to use Bodyguard with blatant disregard for the attack of opportunity mechanic.

Other then those, there isn't anything that specifically buffs Aid Another.

If only I could rebuild my battle herald in PFS I would be use this as a guideline. My battle herald is all screwed up. Nice guide Alexander Augunas.

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*applauds Alexander Augunas*

Surprised the Helpful Trait from halflings of golarion didn't make it in, however I only just discovered it.

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Calel101 wrote:
Surprised the Helpful Trait from halflings of golarion didn't make it in, however I only just discovered it.

See post #4. I have that effect on people. That's the down side of maximizing Stealth.

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