"Fallen" outsiders - what should we do?


This situation came up in our game - an outsider, a Yamah Azata to be precise, is supposed to stop being an outsider, and start being a natural creature of some sort. How would this work?


It could be affected by something akin to reincarnate, perhaps? Apart from the needing-to-be-dead part, of course.

We already have the reason in place - wondering more how its future life will be different now that it is the same as it always was in many ways, except for now being a natural creature - a non-outsider Azata, if you will

Ah. Well, I expect the biggest difference would be that she's now mortal, and will in time grow old and weak before dying due to age. Coming to terms with that could be troublesome for someone who has been immortal, especially if her new life-span is akin to a human's in length.

Of more immediate concern would be her need for food and sleep to survive, which is something Outsiders don't have to worry about. At the same time, she may never have tried food (although Outsiders can choose to eat), which would make this is a new experience to explore.

There's no rules for it, but you could either use the racebuilding rules or make it a Azata-blooded aasimar.

If we were to do this to a demon as well, would this make it weaker somehow? Easier to kill?

And how would you "do this" to a demon? Sounds like you're trying to weaponize a once in a millennium event. If it could be done easily the various outer planes races / factions would be doing it to their enemies all the time.

Curious about the ramifications of this event, is all, and the worry (or excitement) it might cause in certain quarters. Basically having fun with the idea.

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This might be a good idea for a new creature template. These "Fallen" could also be used to help account for the large number of Assimar and Tieflings. One example from film I can think of is Nicholas Cage's character in City of Angels.

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Soluzar wrote:
One example from film I can think of is Nicholas Cage's character in City of Angels.

"Wings of Desire" and "Faraway So Close!" by Wim Wenders (the films "City of Angels" is based on). Highly recommended. Both deal with the joys and limitations of being immortal and some immortals who make the choice to become mortal.

Huh. I think it'd mostly be a spiritual catastrophe. An outsider becoming mortal suddenly has a soul (as opposed to being a soul), free will, their connection with their plane is gone, they may lose some or all of their inherent magic, they need to *eat*.

For a less convention example - Arwen Undomiel. Elves are truly immortal and incapable of dying. When Arwen chose to be mortal she was in effect losing all of her family and relatives forever. All of the elves except Arwen and Tinuviel will always go to the halls of Mandos when they "Die" and eventually leave to live in Valinor until the end of Arda. Arwen is cut off from that and joins the unknown fate of Men after death. In her case she retains all of her knowledge, wisdom, and preternatural grace. What she's losing (or gaining) is entirely spiritual in nature.

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don't forget Elros! (Arwen's uncle who chose mortality at the end of the first age)

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Depending on the degree of comedy in your campaign, this process could work like Lestat becoming mortal in tale of the body thief. Having to learn every bodily function one embarasment at a time.

Or Castiel in Supernatural...

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The biggest question I think you need to answer about your mechanism is whether this angel is being cut off from its grace or simply tied to a new plane.

If the former, I'd remove all spell-like and supernatural abilities, maybe leaving one or two to give a sense of their celestial time leaving a mark. Maybe even making them an aasimar as suggested upthread.

If the latter, I'd consider tweaking a few abilities but leaving them generally the same. Maybe instead of a Summon Monster ability, they get Summon Nature's Ally. Maybe instead of whatever DR they had, it becomes Cold Iron because of a first world-y tie.

Edit: darkwarriorkang - that's exactly what I thought when I saw this. Still has the mental ability scores but surprised by new needs and such.

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