Any RAW game definition of 'inanimate object'?

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Looking for some input on this:

A number of effects in the game refer to 'inanimate objects' - for example, the breaking enhancement and the Maul of the Titans weapon. What exactly is an 'inanimate object'?

By 'dictionary definition', an inanimate object is any non-living object that is incapable of moving under its own power. Armor and weapons would fall into that category, even if they're being worn or wielded.

However, going by this definition allows for some nasty combinations. For instance, the Maul of the Titans deals three times' its damage against inanimate objects; if you couple that the Greater Sunder you have the potential to deal some pretty nasty damage overage (sunder someone's armor to 1HP, then next round sunder again so that you're dealing a huge amount of damage.

My guess\thought is that an 'inanimate object' is semi-equivalent to an unattended object, or more specific, any object where you would roll against the object's AC (rather than the wearer\wielder's CMD as you do with a sunder) to determine whether or not you hit.

Do folks agree with that interpretation? Is anyone aware of any specific RAW that covers this?

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I have a Sunder Master PFS character and this is what I use:

Inanimate Object is an object not worn or held (attended) by a PC or NPC that is not a construct or otherwise capable of acting (like Intelligent Item.)

For this reason I don't use the Maul or any of the other abilities and weapons that deal additional damage to "inanimate objects."

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