New summoner archetype idea- Dreamwalker

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So I have half an idea for a new summoner archetype- the dreamwalker. The only solid things I have so far is that:
-unlike the normal summoner, the eidolon is only called when the summoner is unconscious
-the {i]summoned monsters[/i] have some dream/nightmare-themed template
-the eidolon is a manifestation of the summoner's nightmares
-maybe some dream/nightmare themed spells added to the spell list?

I'd probably never actually play this unless Paizo picked it up, but any ideas- just for fun?

I'm not sure about a player archetype. But it already sounds like an awesome villain. A variation of the classic citizen by day, villain by night theme.

Sounds like it would only work as a sort of synthesist, where the sleeping summoner was actually inside the nightmareidolon.

Otherwise it's kinda hard to have a game if the group has to lug around some guy's bed.

New eidolon evolution: Pouch

Somebody made this exact archetype in the first RPG Superstar that had an archetype round. I believe it didn't get voted to the next round but someone used it for an interesting NPC.

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