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Sympathetic Rage is a feat for half-orc and orc introduced in Orcs of Golarion and reprinted in Advanced Race Guide.

My question, is when does the rage ends? Is it as soon as no raging character is adjacent? Or at the beginning of the turn of the sympathetic rager?
It seems that by taking a 5 foot or any movement, the raging character will get the sympathetic rager fatigued, because the movement cannot be simultaneous, can it?
The feat might be more geared toward several raging, blood raging and Raging characters rather than a single one.

Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who is raging, you may choose to enter a similar but less powerful rage as a free action on your turn. This weaker rage gives you all the benefits and penalties of a barbarian's rage, except your morale bonus to Strength and Constitution is only +2. There is no limit to how long you can rage, as long as you remain adjacent to a raging ally (for example, you could take a 5-foot step away from one raging ally toward another raging ally and maintain your rage). As with a barbarian's rage, when this weaker rage ends, you are fatigued. You cannot use this feat if you are fatigued.

As soon as the sympathetic rager is no longer adjacent to a raging ally, your rage ends. If the raging character take a 5-foot step away and no raging ally is adjacent to her position, the rage ends. If the raging character moves 30 feet along a line of raging allies and every square in that movement is adjacent to a raging ally, then the rage continues.

Since Pathfinder, regrettably, has no support for coordinated simultaneous movement with allies*, there is no way to advance at typical movement speeds using this feat without a lot of ridiculous setup. You're better off activating this feat once you are already in melee and aren't expecting to have to move much.

* (edit) Well, I suppose one rager could ride the other, if the GM decides that "occupies the same space" is good enough to mean "adjacent".

Didn’t thought about the riding. I have a half-orc hunter in mind and a wolverine animal companion and thought that the feet was not as useful as I thought.
I wonder if enlarge/reduce person is on the druid spell list…

I also think having reach weapons mitigates the need to move in combat.

It would be better with several raging companions.

Thanks for the answer!

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