How do aid another mods interact with one another.

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This question may have (and probably has) been asked before but I can't find any definitive responses that clearly define how the different Aid Another traits and feats interact with one another.

Question 1

For things that actually change the bonus granted by aid another such as the Helpful trait and Improved Aid class feature, do they stack or would they overlap?

From a strict reading I would probably say they wouldn't but I'm not sure.

Question 2

How would something like the Helpful trait that actually changes the bonus from +2 to +4 interact with the Swift Aid feat which already changes the bonus from +2 to +1? Does it overlap again? Are you granting +3 instead?

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I believe it functions like resistances, take the higher value.

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I just asked this same question earlier today, after Zach proved how awesome Aid Another could be in a recent game. :)

Here's the thread over in the Rules Questions forum.

My interpretation is that you take the highest value, that Aid Another bonuses stack, and that a single person can aid multiple times if he gets to take multiple actions (as with Bodyguard and Swift Aid).

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