Whip it Good HV BBEG


Silver Crusade

The concept for this BBEG is using the 9 section whip with the crane style feat chain. Combine with some cleric levels to get to Holy Vindicator. He enjoys torture, and fights defensively for some staying power. Then combine with some minions for an encounter.

Unarmed Fighter 2, Cleric of Zon-Kuthon 4, HV Rest
Imp Unarmed Strike, Dodge, Weap Focus 9 section whip, Alignment Channel and the 3 Crane feats.

He has room for the 5th level feat, and any suggestions about cleric archtypes and domains would be appreciated. I looked at Crusader, and I don't think its good enough.

Let's assume he'll be somewhere between level 9 and 13. And Pathfinder material only.

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