Rules for wooden weapons (wooden swords, spears, etc)

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Are there rules somewhere for metal weapons made out of wood?

Not unless you use the Druid spell Transmute Metal to Wood, then cast Ironwood.

No, that isn't what I mean. I'll just have to make my own adjustments then.

For the sake of simplicity, look at Bone in the special materials section. Bone weapons have -2 to damage and have the Fragile quality.

I'd just consider it a cosmetic effect and use the stats as-is.

Ellis Mirari wrote:
Are there rules somewhere for metal weapons made out of wood?

No, and that is conspicuous. You can make almost any weapon from bone, obsidian and stone and don't even have penalties when they are magical, but somehow not from wood. The ironwood spell is high-level, not even permanent and only works on normal wood, clearly inferior to just building an obsidian weapon and enchanting it.

My guess is that this omission is supposed to avoid e.g. a Magus with Keen Wyroot rapier or scimitar reaping all those Arcane Points...

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Sounds like a Dark Sun type of question. Wood has a listed hardness and hps, as does metal, so if you compare the 2 materials you can find out how tough a weapon for damage I can only think of one thing for that: stone age weapons. Almost all stone age weapons in the table have the fragile quality.
Wood has hardness of 5 and 10 hp per inch thick.
Iron and steel has hardness 10 and 30 hp per inch... so wood weapons should have half the hardness of their metal counterparts and 1/3 of the hps.
As for the actual damage that they seems like (to me anyway) stone age weapons tend to do 1 damage die step down from their counterparts unless you look at the terbutje which uses bits of shark teeth, obsidian and other sharp objects along the blade edge and suddenly makes the stick into the equivalent of a steel longsword except for the fragile quality.
My thought would be to either lower the damage die by one step or impose a -1 to damage. There really shouldn't be an adjustment on the to-hit rolls, just damage output due to less mass and such.

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