Free Birds


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I went to see this with the kids today and was surprised to find us just three of about a dozen attendees.

It's a silly film, not to be taken too seriously, and it potentially plays up some poor stereotypes of Native Americans, but we found it generally unoffensive and really quite funny. My kids were laughing out loud throughout the movie, and there were plenty of in-jokes that seemed specially written for adults my age and with my interests. George Takei as the time travel egg-ship STEVE was super ("Oh, my..."), and Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson played off one another perfectly.

I didn't look up any reviews until I got home, and I guess this movie has all but tanked; everybody (pretty much) hates it.

Anyone here seen it? Am I too easily amused? Is this actually an awful movie?

Free Birds

I haven't seen it, but i find adult reviews of kids movies to be pretty much useless. What I may not find interesting my kids may love. My 8-year old son just adores slapstick. So any movie with over the top physical humor will leave him in stitches, regardless of the "quality" of the story.

Glad your kids enjoyed it.


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