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I'll be joining a group starting at 8th level. I don't want to steal the spotlight, so Sensei Monk it is. And all the archtypes that go with it...
Sensei, Ki Mystic, Monk of the 4 Winds, Qinggong.

He's the know-it-all hermit you find on the side of the road. Plays around with fire and ice.
My swapped out powers will be for Barkskin, Scorching Ray and Gaseous Form. I'll take Dodge and then Extra Ki once. And I'll be taking the Marid style feats at levels 7, 9 and 11. None of that will change.

I have 2 low level feats that need filled, help please.
I have Core, APG, UC, and UM.

Improved initiative and martial proficiency sansetsukon are my quick answers. I'd love a reach weapon, but didn't see any winners. The lack of weapon choices is a concern for me; I don't want to waste ki points on scorching ray if I don't have to. Marid elemental fists help, but only 8 per day.

Switch Ki Mystic for Drunken Master and take Fast Drinker (you'll need 18 Con for it). All the Ki you'll ever need. As far as weapon goes, you don't have to worry about Flurry since Sensei loses it so don't feel limited just because it isn't a Monk weapon. I recommend you pick up the Dorn-Dergar with the Darting Viper feat and you've got a weapon that you can switch between reach and normal as a swift action. The weapon is in Dwarves of Golaron if you need the book for it or you can find it here.

Shadow Lodge

you should drop scorching ray for true strike, gaseous form for restoration.

at 12th level you will be able to give your entire group a 95% chance for success on the first attack of every round if you choose to, restoration lets you get rid of fatigue, means people dont need to sleep in dungeons, as well as all temporary ability damage, and a negative level once per week, for free.

thats much better imo then 12d6 damage or the ability to float away.

dont take extra ki for any reason!! you only need drunken master for unlimited ki generation.

since monk of the four winds is a choice you made in archetype, i would suggest vital strike to take full advantage of slow time.

i have played a sensei to level 16 in the past, and i loved it. top 3 characters i have ever played in any RPG.

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