help with making on a decision either a Fighter / Paladin / Ranger?


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Hello gamers,

I really need help guys. I am having a hard time picking the right path for an archer type.

What class would be better for me to go with either a fighter, paladin: (divine Hunter) or a Ranger?

The stats build is a base 12 with a 25 standard point buy.

2 traits to choose from.

A female Human.

Fighter with the archer archetype will get you enough feats for all of the tricks at the earliest levels. I think it is the strongest non-zen archer option. It could get boring though since they just do the one thing really well. Maybe spend some of those feats on things that will be interesting out of combat. Fast learner, improvisation get you in the skill game if you fancy that.

What foes will you be up against? Lots of undead, demaons, evils- go Pally. Pally is VERY dangerous if you can Smite.

Lost of giants, etc- ranger.

Humans, etc- fighter or ranger.

How much do you like skills?

FYI, one of the best archers is the Zen Archer Monk. Elf alchemists are also fun.

Personally, I'd go Ranger. I like having skills. You don't need such high AC, but you might need good saves.

I like the Guide archetype.

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