Pathfinder Official Podcast


I would really like to see an *OFFICIAL* Pathfinder podcast that focuses on rules, tips, and tricks for players and GMs.

I know there are several Pathfinder podcasts, but none of them really do much in this way. Know Direction is mostly just long commercials for the newest Paizo products, with very little in the way of tips and tricks.

The D&D podcasts from WotC, from my perspective, seems to be the one area where WotC outshines Paizo. Instead of just advertising their products, they actually gave tips on how various products work together, how to use mechanics to support any character concept, etc.

I know the messageboards have a lot of that content, but I can't sit and browse the forums at work. I can, however, listen to podcasts while I work.

Were something like this to come about, I know our gaming group would be Pathfinder converts permanently, and I suspect it would be the tipping point for many others as well.

Try Youtube, search for Dawnforgedcast.

Can't do YouTube at work either :-/

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