Suggestions for haunted mansion maps?

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A new Pathfinder campaign I am starting has a really big haunted mansion as its centerpiece. I'm looking for a good map.
I have the Tegel Manor map but I think it is just too big; however everything else I've found online seems too small.

Any recommendations? Something about half the size of the Tegel Manor map would be just about perfect.


How much horror do you want in it? It is "just" ghosts, haunts and undead that can be passed with force of arms? Is is a place of true horror, where nothing is certain and gruesome scenes await in every room?

If it's the first, I'd advice you to look over old maps of realworld places. If it's the latter, I've found it better to run it without a map. Without a map rooms can change around, hallways can disappear and you never have to worry about remembering where the party is when the session ends ;)

Shadow Lodge

Frog God Games' The Black Monastery, only just use the 1st floor.

I did a map of a mansion for an online free module I wrote, but i guess it's too small for your purposes: Grayfield Manor.

This guy's work is pretty cool for a madman lab's map: Dasomerville's Map

The map of Schloss Caromarc, from Trial of the Beast, might be good too.

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