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Hey, everyone!

I'm gearing up to start running this AP for my gaming group, and I'm wondering what (if any) Flip-Mats or Map Packs are used in this Adventure Path. Does anyone have a list?

Also, how useful is the map folio for the AP? It looks like some nice flavor, but would it actually help with running the adventures?


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As far as I can tell none of the flip mats are explicity used, and whilst nice the map folio doesn't help. Sorry.

In the first adventure I am changing the High Sentinel lodge to use the Country Inn Flip Map. Tonight I'll try to post an image so you can see how I am re-numbering the rooms.

Here is the labeling for the Country Inn flip-map I'm using for the High Sentinel Lodge in the first adventure.

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Yeah, the map folio is very pretty, but doesn't really see tons of use past book 2. Two of the three maps have been awesome for me in Shackled Hut so far, because I can just point at various places and the players understand where everything is, but once they leave Irrisen, the two Irrisen maps are suddenly obsolete.

Haven't gotten to Maiden, Mother, Crone yet, so I can't tell you if the Iobaria map is useful at all. I wish they had included a map of Triaxus though.

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