Summoner advice for the Shadow Caller archetype


I'm making one of these for a home game. The archetype's adjustments are simple:
1. Shadow callers must be fetchlings
2. Summoned creatures normally receiving the celestial or fiendish template instead recieve the shadow template. Specific outsiders are replaced by shadow-themed replacements (i.e. cloakers, kytons, shadow undead, etc.)
3. Recommendation for Shadow Blend and Shadow Form evolutions.

I'd like some advice for making the eidolon, perhaps spells? My concept is a roguish character, hiding in shadows (has some rogue levels) with shadow powers. Summoner level 5

Anyone use or encounter a shadow caller? Or just general eidolon advice will do...

Firstly, avoid the rogue lvl. They are a let down, whether you optimise or not. You will be stronger and more effective if you stay in Summoner, even when you go in melee .

You could build like this, seeing tha you intend to go close and personal too.

Fetchling Shadow Caller Summoner 5

1 Arcane Strike
3 Resilient Eidolon
5 Power Attack

Alt. racial trait: Gloom Shimmer

Favored class bonus every lvl.

Quadruped Eidolon

Evolutions (8p): Claws (1), Pounce (1), Tentacle (1), Shadow Form (2), Shadow Blend (2), Improved natural Armor (1)

Eidolon feats: Toughness, Power Attack

You should aim for more limbs and claws, as well rend, ability increase (str), energy attacks and INA.

You should flank the enemies with your shadow.

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