Is There An Item In This Game That Works Like A Phone With Long Range


Playing a campaign right now that requires alot of splitting of the party and then regrouping to share information and then doing it again. It takes alot of time and is tedious. It would also help if we could drop a similar item like this to an informant NPC and have them alert us without having to come back to the inn all the time. Currently i have to shot fireballs into the air to have people come because i cant track them down all over the city. But its obviously costly to do this and hoping to find a item. Gold isnt a big issue for this set of items since we are 6th level and get about 30k+ per quest. Any help or solutions are greatly appreciated ^-^

Kinsight goggles cost around 7k and give you sight link to 500 feet, you might ask your gm for a greater version with better range and the whisper cantrip added.

Are there any other kinds of device that do something similar but with Messege or something. With this device you cant really communicate and the, or alert people of anything unless your constantly looking through it.

There is the Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power, but may limit your logistics (it must travel to a specific location you know). ines-of-wondrous-power/silver-raven-figurine-of-wondrous-power

Ring Gates. Just stick your head through and talk, 100 mile range. Doesn't even count against the daily weight limit b/c your whole body hasn't passed through.

Telepathic Bond is the most effective solution if you have access to 5th level spells, works over any distance and it can be made permanent.

Other stuff:

Missive StonesWorks pretty much exactly like a phone.

Raucous CanardNot the most effective way but cheap and might get the job done

Black Feather FanWhispering Wind three times a day

The cheaper solution would be to use Snapdragon Fireworks instead of Fireball. Its only a 1st level spell and works better to alert your allies than Fireball would.A wand of that would only cost 750 gp per charcter and would last for the whole campaign.

Also Skyrocket-Firework

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If you've got that much cash to spare, I'd go for permanent telepathic bonds. You'll need a 13th level arcane caster, or scrolls of permanency cl 13. Total cost would be around 15k per permanent bond or so, depending on if you buy scrolls or hire a caster, but the range is literally limitless.

The budget solution is to get three or four wands of message, 375gp each.

Sadly, message does not work in potion form to my understanding. Or at least, it only lets you send messages to yourself. It's range is also severely limited.

You could use planar binding or planar ally to call up a messenger. Many outsiders, even low hit die weak (Read, cheap) ones, have greater teleport and can carry letters etc. A lot of those are also messengers on their home planes, so running messages for mortals wouldn't be too much of a stretch, especially if your goals align.

Thanks everyone :) I think we'll be going with the Missive Stones.
3miles is still kinda short for our distances but i think we can make it work if we create a network. The Ring gates look super cool too but pretty expensive, maybe in the future ^-^ plus kinda scared if we left one with a NPC they might steal it and keep it xD

A number of solutions are presented above, the best of which long term is probably related to Telepathic Bond (note the range/distance over which even it can be used is within the plane, it will not cross interplanar distances).

But it also points to the fairly significant gap in the capability of spells to provide a decent solution (particularly around the character level range of the OP). Since this sounds like a home brew campaign the very best long term solution might well be researching and creating a spell expressly for this purpose.

Other spells/spell combo's that might help depending on the circumstances:
- Many Scrying spells + Message, can work but Message thru the sensor is unreliable especially at lower levels.
- Sending, allows a response by target, can be interplanar but becomes unreliable when across planes. Demand as Sending but adds in a Suggestion.
- Helping Hand, anywhere within up to 5 miles but lots of delay built into the spell (up to 4 hours at max range) but could be useful when separation is under 1000 feet or the communication is not time sensitive.
- Any familiar (and possible an animal companion taught the right trick) might act as a messenger/go between. Add in Share Senses for extra communication capability.
- Status, certainly can help keep track of direction and distance between caster and target(s). 1 hour/level duration, not interplanar. Direction and distance is all that is needed for Dimension Door provided you are within range for D Door.

It's a not unusual question and seems to most commonly crop up around the OP's level.

A set of Nesa coins and a fast, flying familiar. If no familiars are available, a tiny animated object will do the trick. Since it doesn't get tired, it can easily do some 15-20 mph with the right abilities/flaws.

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