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Hey folks,

It looks like the Great Golem Sale has proven to be a bit more popular than anticipated and causing some issues with checkout. Customer Service is receiving a incredibly high amount of incoming service requests and we are overloaded. We will processes requests as quickly as we can, thank you in advance for your patience!

sara marie

Sovereign Court

So no more "Take mah Moneeeey!" threads then? ;)

Does Gary have an ETA for having the issue resolved?

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

If you are placing orders for large number of items, you may want to try putting some items in your saved for later and try processing items in smaller orders.

Additionally, be advised, out system max out 99 per item so if you place more than that in your cart, its going to automatically bring that down to 99 every time and likely slow up the process for you.

Thank you for your patience.
sara marie

If we split our orders for processing will you be adjusting the shipping costs for us automatically?

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for the suggestion, Sara! I split my order (22 items) in two and was finally able to get it to go through after hours of trying.

If you want to combine the two orders (#2882872 and #2884052), you can. :-)

(Do those numbers mean you guys have gotten 1200 orders in the last few hours?!?! Yikes!)

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We're working on these issues—basically, we've got a very high volume of people placing orders that individually contain dozens of items, and the part of the system that works to figure out the most efficient ways to ship things is getting overwhelmed. Until we solve this, you may find that our system is more responsive if you place a few smaller orders—say, no more than a dozen items—instead of one big one.

We'll post updates in this thread—I'm going to lock this one, so the discussion can stay in one place.

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