If you would could chose to be 1 level any thing in real life what would it be and why?

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So bestially the title and if you could get 1 magic item what would it be and why?

I would be a Sorcerer think becose of the spontaneous casting or my be a druid becose they get spells on there list.

and the item would be ring of sustenance. All the times you are thinking that you would need a couple more hours to study.

Boreal Sorcerer, because I like snow, or Druid, because you can bet I'll level up for Wildshape.

Wings of Flying, or a Ring of Prestidigitaion.

Careful now.

Anyone who chooses alchemist will have a visit from the nice men in blacksuits.

Bard! Money for nothing, and your chicks for free ... plus the cure light wounds spell for a bit of life-saving and faith healing on the side.

Actually I'm going to go make a level one bard tailored to excel in 21st century

Sorcerer. Charm person and disguise self would be enough to rule the world if you were savvy. As for a magic item, ring of sustenance. No chance of being poisoned by a meal, and way less sleep means more time to plot.

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Wizard. Like a sorcerer, except all the spells you can afford.

Magic item? No question, mirror of mental prowess.

Summoner... just so i could summon a pikachu and freak everyone out....
Item.... anything that looks like a pokeball :P

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A level 1 kobold paladin.

Think about it.

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I would go sorceror with a focus on enchantment, like GV said you'd go a long ways in this world.

Headband of vast intelligence/wisdom

I think this smart, charismatic fellow would do well at life.

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Favoured class: Bard

STR: 10
DEX: 10
CON: 10
INT: 13
WIS: 10
CHA: 20

Profession (Musician): 1 (+4)
Perform (Act): 1 (+9)
Perform (Dance): 1 (+9)
Perform (Sing): 1 (+9)
Perform (String): 1 (+9)
Perform (Oratory): 1 (+10)
Perform (Comedy): 1 (+9)
Swim: 1 (+1)
Perception: 1 (+4)

Extra Performance
Voice of the Sibyl

Ghost Sound
Dancing Lights
Cure Light Wounds
Silent Image

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Hmm. I read the query as you only ever get level 1, and the real world is still the real world, so I wonder about wizard(who would you buy spells from?) and the person who said druid for wildshape(although that might be cool even without getting to wildshape). Of course, a wizard could do some decent things with just their starting spells.

The cynical part of me says to go with cleric/oracle and use spells with demonstrable effects to start your own religion and reap the awesome benefits thereof.

As I like to think of myself as an ethical individual, I don't think I could use charm person for fun and profit.

I think I'd have to go with wizard to play to my best stat ;P. Spell book with comprehend languages, unseen servant, silent image, feather fall, and floating disc seems like it would have a fun mix of utility and claiming the million bucks for proof of the supernatural.

Magic item? Helm of teleportation. I hate travel time.

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paladin, simply because being a divine agent would be boss. also at will detect evil.

Almost certainly a summoner. In real life, having an eidolon, summons and spells = win. Though I'd have to resist the urge to have my eidolon do all my work for me.

As for a magical item... probably a Ring of Sustenance just like so many other people. Having to fit in 8 hours of sleep every night stinks.

Cleric. You get access to tons of spells, and can pick domains that give you even more spells and options. For example, someone up the thread said he'd rule the world as a sorceror with Disguise Self and Charm Person. A cleric with the Charm and Trickery domains would get those spells, plus everything on the 1st level cleric list, plus some mildly useful powers.

For my part, I'd go for the Imagination subdomain of Luck for Silent Image and Bit of Luck (hellooooo Vegas!) and the Love subdomain of Charm for Charm Person and Adoration (don't tase me, bro!)

Oh, and a Staff of Miracle once per day, please.

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