If you would could chose to be 1 level any thing in real life what would it be and why?

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Cleric, likely with the Artifice and Fire Domains.

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Drejk wrote:
First level anything you say? Well, then 1st level in one of the epiec prestige classes from Forgotten Realms (elven high mage or netherese arcanist).

Elven High Mage is outright better.

Netherese Arcanist forces you to give up spell seeds and doesn't grant you much in the way of casting progression.

However, that aside, as I noted above (I'd considered them, but went a hair more in PF's favor - silly of me, really), it might not presume you have the prerequisites.

If you presume the prerequisites... yes. Definitely.


Level 1 Human Wizard - Conjurer(Teleportation)
Favored class: Wizard

STR: 10
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 19(24, +7)
WIS: 9
CHA: 11

HP: 9
AC: 11
F/R/W: 2/2/1
BAB: +0

Traits: Observant, Student of Philosophy
Feats: Spell Focus (conjuration), Augment Summoning

Special: Arcane Bond-Ring, Scribe Scroll, Cantrips, Conjuration (teleportation) specialist - Summoner's Charm (+1 round summon duration) Shift 10/day (swift, 5ft teleport as dimension door), Opposition Schools Necromancy, Illusion

Skills: Diplomacy +8, Knowledge (Arcane +11, Engineering + 11, Geography +11, History +11, Local +11, Nature +11, Religion +11), Perception +4, Spellcraft +11
Languages: Common-English, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, French, Japanese, Mandarin

Spells Prepared:
Level 0, 3/day (prestidigitation, mending, acid slash)
Level 1, 3+1/day (summon monster I, charm person, break, unseen servant)

Equipment of note:
Tome of Clear Thought +5 (used)
Bonded Ring
1st Level
summon monster I, obscuring mist, unseen servant, charm person, sleep, ant haul, break, youthful appearance, polypurpose panacea, expeditious retreat

Sebastian wrote:
Obligatory Commoner joke here.

Really? It would only take a tweak to convert a Drunken Brute barbarian or Drunken Master monk to using hookers and blow (instead of alcohol) to power the class abilities.

1st level? Probably either some ranger or soulknife archetype.

Although having inherited a bitey and scratchy cat from my sister, I'm not sure I'll have enough hit points to survive more than a few days.

Shadow Lodge

Divination wizard, I have a bad habit of reading whenever I get my hands on a new book and because of that I have developed the ability to read while I walk and not run into things. I think this translates well into a divination wizards ability to always act in the surprise round, though in my case the surprise round acting would probably translate to me putting my book away with a sigh. And the item would would probaably be a book of some kind, or maybe the satchel from the PFS Primer that copies the writing from one book to another. I forget its exact name though...


I already have a nasty temper. it might as well be useful

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