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Drake, Spire, page 81

Accursed Breath's text is missing the following:

"Once a spire drake has used its accursed breath, it cannot do so again for 1d6 rounds."

Unless it was purposefully an at-will ability usable every round, but I doubt so.

Ectoplasmic Creature, pages 82-83

1) Alignment is listed as N, and in the template's Alignment entry it's listed as CE; I think it should be NE, as for Skeletons, Zombies and other mindless* Undead, especially since Ectoplasmic Creatures too are described as being animated by hatred, cruelty, etc.

*Although, I must note, while stat-wise an Ectoplasmic Creature is mindless, the description seems a little in contrast with that, as it hints to at a least a residual intellect, stating they have feelings, feel pain, and such.

2) Hp are listed as "hp 7 (1d8+3)". Having Cha 12 and Thoughness, the sample creature should have +4 hp, thus "hp 8 (1d8+4)".

3) Fortitude bonus is listed as +0, but should be +1 (+0 base, +1 Cha).

4) Damage for the slam attack is listed as 1d4+3, but since the creature only has one natural attack, it should use 1-1/2 Str, so 1d4+4.

5) Typo in description, 9th paragraph, 2nd sentence:

"Their unnatural strength makes ectoplasmic creatures formidable combatants, which those not familiar with fighting ectoplasmic creatures would expect by looking at them."

I suppose it wanted to be "wouldn't".

6) Creating an Ectoplasmic Creature, first sentence:

"Ectoplasmic is an acquired template that can be added to any corporeal creature (other than an undead), referred to hereafter as the base creature."

I suppose that should be changed to just "any living corporeal creature", unless Constructs can be ectoplasmic too.

7) Creating an Ectoplasmic Creature section lists some redundant information, such as the math for saves and the fact that Undead use Cha for hp, where a "Recalculate hp, base attack bonus, and saves accordingly." would have sufficed.
In addition, it says that the Ectoplasmic Creature loses the base creature's defensive abilities, but since "defensive abilities" isn't a clearly defined tag, it's not clear to which abilities this extends to. Probably DR, SR, and energy resistances/immunities/vulnerabilities, but the removal of other kinds of abilities may or may not be appropriate, depending on a case to case basis, as specified in the Special Abilities entry: "It retains any extraordinary special qualities that improve its melee or ranged attacks.", which, by the way, is in contrast with the Special Attacks entry ("An ectoplasmic creature retains all of the special attacks of the base creature.").

Einherji, page 84

Ride bonus is listed as +16, but should be +19 (+13 ranks, +3 Dex, +3 class*, -0 armor penalty**).

* Without Ride as a class skill, the Einherjar would have an unused slot for the Outsiders' four varied-nature class skills.

** Unless shield penalty isn't covered by the Battle-Trained ability, but RAW the shield penalties are considered armor check penalties.

Elder Thing, page 85

1) Skills: Knowledge (arcana) lists a +12 bonus, but it should be +15; Aberrations have one Knowledge skill to elect as a class skills, so there's no reason for the Elder Thing to not apply it.

2) Hibernation says that:

"If it is jostled or damaged while hibernating, an elder thing can attempt a DC 20 Will save. If it succeeds, it awakens in 2d4 rounds. Otherwise, it takes 1d4 days to awaken from hibernation. An elder thing can set the length of its hibernation when it first enters this state, so that it can awaken after a set amount of time has passed. When awakening at a set time in this manner, an elder thing needs only 1d3 rounds to rouse itself, with no Will saving throw necessary."

Now... in which cases does the bold part applies? I mean, by RAW, if we exclude the other two cases (jostled/damaged and timed awakening), the Elder Thing is basically asleep forever and can't decide at a random moment to start awakening in that normal way. I think the text should include a part to specify that it remains vaguely aware of its surroundings and can decide to start the awakening process if something happens that would require its attention (most probably, possible dangers, even if, in case of direct danger, waking in 1d4 days would be near-useless).

Elohim, page 86

1) XP value is listed as 819,200, but should be 820,000 as per the Monster Creation table.

2) It should have at least one language listed, since telepathy requires languages.

3) SR: same issue as for the Drakainia a few posts before; from a non-Mythic base of SR 31, adding MR to it would make a 37, instead of the listed 34.

Einherji, page 84

Being a CN Outsider, shouldn't it have the Chaotic subtype?
(This also goes for the Valkyrie in Bestiary 3.)

Empyreal Lord, Cernunnos, pages 88-89

Other than already reported issues...

1) Ranged entry: critical multiplier for the longbow is listed as x4; unless I'm missing whatever makes it so, it should be x3.
Also, Cernunnos' longbow doesn't specify neither in the Ranged entry nor in the Treasure one that it allows a +9 Str bonus, although it clearly does, looking at the damage.

2) Horned Lord's Charge lists a DC of 39, but it should be 41 (10, +17 from half HD, +14 Con).

3) Lightning Rod's text says: "As an immediate action on his next turn, he can release..."
If it's only on his turn, it should be a swift action, otherwise it could be "until the end of his next turn".
(Besides, this is not an ability that has a relevance as a reaction ability, for which immediate actions are made.)

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Astral Wanderer wrote:

Einherji, page 84

Being a CN Outsider, shouldn't it have the Chaotic subtype?
(This also goes for the Valkyrie in Bestiary 3.)

No. Efreet, for instance, have neither the [Lawful] nor [Evil] subtypes. They're beings made of [Fire] that happen to be Lawful Evil.

An outsider only gets an alignment subtype if they embody that alignment the same way an efreeti (or a fire elemental) embody fire.

True, alright.

Empyreal Lord, Korada, pages 90-91

Other than already reported issues...

- Note: I apologize if any of the following is confusing, but as you see it's a good quantity of issues, and there has been a lot of copy/pasting and editing, as I also wrote this over the course of several days due to the sparse time I could put into it.

1) Languages: apart from bonus languages due to Int, which don't seem listed for any monster (except some random ones now and then, maybe), Korada has only Celestial and Infernal listed, but the Agathion subtype also includes Draconic. Well, the Agathion subtype also says "unless otherwise noted", but it's pretty odd that an Empyreal Lord has less than most others of his kin.

2) Korada can use unarmed strikes as 20th level Monk, and his attacks deal 2d10 like a 20th level Monk.
Problem is, it's like a Medium Monk; he is Large, and according to the table for unarmed strikes in the Monk class, he should deal 4d8.

3) Quarterstaff bonus damage is listed as +13, but, since it isn't a flurry, it should be +17 (+12 from two-handed Str, +5 enhancement).

4) Attack bonuses for unarmed strike and flurry have some errors. Unarmed strike lists a +31/+36/+31/+26... as you see, the first attack is using the same bonus as the third, but it should be +41/+36/+31/+26 (+32 BAB, +10 Dex [from Weapon Finesse], -1 size); the flurry, instead, has bonuses that seem calculated on a BAB of +31, like the skills (see below), so it's listed as +38/etc., but should be +39/etc.;

5) Ac is listed as "45, touch 40, flat-footed 36", but given the list of bonus of "+10 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 insight, +13 natural, -1 size, +6 sacred, +12 Wis", the total is "53, touch 40, flat-footed 42".

6) CMD is listed as "84 (86 vs. disarm, grapple, or trip)", but should be "82 (84 vs. disarm, grapple, or trip)".
(10, +32 BAB, +8 Str, +10 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 size, +12 Wis, +6 sacred, +2 foresight)

7) Korada has a Ki Pool (this too as a 20th level Monk, looking at the points), but apart from being listed amon his SQ, it isn't mentioned in his Combat Style Master ability or anywhere else. Since he clearly isn't considered a Monk for other things like Stunning Fist, for example, it should be mentioned that he actually is for the Ki Pool.
Same goes for his Abundant Step's CL.
Also, Korada's Ki Pool includes good and epic (and mythic, which, as reported JoelF847, is supposedly an error) fom unknown source, while it lacks cold iron from a normal 7th level Monk's Ki Pool.

8) Typo in Shatter Spells' text, fourth sentence: "If he dispels an effect, he suffer no harmful effects..."
Third person, so "he suffers".

9) Korada's Change Shape functions as Shapechange, but list an Avoral form; Avorals are Outsiders, and no official Polymorph spell that I know of (or at least surely none of those duplicated by Shapechange) allows Outsider forms.
I'd suppose it can be treated as a Magical Beast, then, thus using Beast Shape IV.

10) Initiative is listed as +22, but I'm failing to see where do 8 points come from. +10 from Dex, +4 from Improved Initiative, but after that I don't know. Is it an arbitrary bonus (like the +6 sacred to AC, for example) or an error?

11) Skills: the bonus/penalty to Acrobatics from high/low base speed isn't usually mentioned among the racial modifiers.
Also... said that his four Outsider-varied-nature class skills are all assigned (Acrobatics, Climb, Diplomacy and Knowledge [religion], because none of them could reach the listed values without being a class skill [and note that Climb isn't automatically a bonus class skill from having a climb speed; that only grants a +8, so Climb can be a class skill only by selecting it as one of the four]), Korada has ranks assigned as if he had 31 HD (not a single skill has more than 31 ranks, and the total spent is 403, coming from 31 HD x [6 Outsider + 7 Int] skill points). So, he still has 13 ranks to assign.

12) Stunning Fist DC is listed as 22. Apparently, this is from 10, +12 Wis, because Stunning Fist's description says that the DC is "10 + 1/2 your character level + your Wis modifier", and Korada has only racial HD, not character levels/class levels. But does that "character level" really mean class levels? Are we sure it isn't better interpreted as just "HD"? If we must strictly abide to the RAW, then Korada (and any other classless creature wanting to pick this feat) would also have 0 uses per day, since, by RAW, the number of times per day too is calculated only on class levels. Yet, Korada's times per day are 8, clearly calculated from his normal HD (32 / 4 = 8), and the DC too should (thus rising to a good 38).

13) Lay On Hands is sneakily listed among SQ as "15d6, 29/day". Aside from the fact that nowhere is mentioned that Korada can use Lay On Hands as a Paladin of N level, by reversing this ability's rules for number of d6 rolled and times per day, we get that Korada uses Lay On Hands as 30th level Paladin. 30 is neither the usual capstone of class-emulated abilities (since it's 20, as is for Korada's Monk level), nor Korada's number of HD. So, don't know if it was really intended to be based on level 30 or if it should be lowered to 20 or raised to 32 (as per HD).

14) Since combat style feats have a lot of prerequisites and some of these are also special abilities (for example, Earth Child Style's prerequisite of Defensive Training), the text should include something along the lines of:
"Korada doesn't need to fulfill the prerequisites of any combat style feat gained in this manner. He still doesn't benefit from effects that require having a specific ability he doesn't possess or performing a kind of action he isn't able to attempt, unless a feat explicitly grants that ability or action."
I know space is limited, but still...


Side note: I see there are a lot of creatures in this Bestiary who have been printed with some unknown +2 to CMD that shouldn't have been there; how come? Some feat or universal monster rule that didn't make it in the final book?

Empyreal Lord, Vildeis, pages 92-93

Other than already reported issues...

1) Since she is an Angel, and Angels aren't inherently Lawful, since they can have any alignment on the Law-Chaos axis, I'm not sure if she should have the Lawful subtype.

2) Angel traits list low-light vision, but Vildeis doesn't have it. If that's because she gouged her eyes, then she shouldn't have darkvision either, and Truee Seeing could also be very arguable.
Also, Vildeis has no special quality or whatever mentioning that she's actually blind; if she was, it would be necessary to specify that she's accustomed to it and doesn't suffer the normal penalties, while also being immune to gaze attacks and sight-based stuff. In addition, she has regeneration, so it could be assumed that she has eyes, just maybe she takes them out when she doesn't need them for battle and let them regenerate when they're needed. In this way, only the smallest issue would remain (the lack of her low-light vision). Of course, this wouldn't agree exactly with what is written in Vildeis' and Cicatrix's texts, but I think it'd be better to edit those texts. Her blindness would cause her to have a 50% miss chance with any attack against non-evil creatures, and she doesn't even have Blind-Fight, so even Cicatrix's Mark of Justice-like ability would be embarassing. Imagine Vildeis blindly trying to hit a non-evil creature...

3) Typo in Paladin Spells, level 3: Fire of Judgement has been spelled Fires of Judgement, which in the PRD also breaks the link to the spell.

4) Languages: apart from bonus languages from Int, despite nothing is written in the Angel subtype traits, all Angels (even the Casissian) have three basic languages: Celestial, Draconic and Infernal. Vildeis is lacking the latter.

5) Her Paladin level for Lay On Hands isn't listed anywhere, but reverse-math indicates that the number of d6 rolled uses her HD as her Paladin level, while the uses per day are those of a 40th level Paladin (25 - 5 Cha = 20; 20 * 2 = 40). If she uses her HD, the uses per day should be 21 ([33 / 2] +5).

6) No SR? Intentional or error? If it's an error, she should probably have SR 39 (11 + CR 28).

7) Not technically an error, but why does Vildeis have ranks in Sleight of Hand? It doesn't seem to be related to her theme or abilities. Bluff too could be arguable, since a Lawful Good Outsider is supposed to abhor lies, but at least it could be considered as a sometimes-necessary tool against evil.

8) Melee/Ranged: Cicatrix's damage entries list "plus 1 bleed"; this isn't listed as neither a special ability of Vildeis nor of Cicatrix itself. Should the Wounding magic weapon property be added in Cicartix's description?

Erlking, page 94

Other than already reported issues...

1) Skills: Acrobatics bonus for jumping due to high base speed is usually not listed among Racial Modifiers. Here, it is.

2) Melee/Ranged: not technically errors, but there's a disparity in their format, with the longsword being listed as "+3 cold iron keen longsword", and the longbow as "+3 ironwood longbow".

3) The Erlking has constant Protection from Evil, not Good, but in the Defensive Abilities entry it's Protection From Good. (I suppose Evil is the only correct one, given the creature's theme and the fact that the bonus from Protection spells in the AC entry lists evil too.)

4) Spell-Like Abilities: the DC for Finger of Death is listed as 23, as if calculated on the Druid's spell level of 8, but since there's a Sor/Wiz spell level (7), it should be the one used.

5) Other than in the sword and bow attacks, as mentioned by Sc8rpi8n_mjd here, the +1 from Haste should also be applied to CMB, bringing it to +16. (CMD is fine as listed.)

Fachen, page 95

Other than already reported issues...

1) It has the Acrobatic feat; since it can't fly, though, it's a half wasted feat; it'd be better changed to Skill Focus (Acrobatics), bringing its Acrobatics bonus to +14.

2) Typo on description's third paragraph, last sentence: "It almost seems as if they are pure rage that spontaneous takes on a hideous natural form."
Should be "spontaneously".

Familiars, pages 96-97

Other than already reported issues...

- Archaeopteryx, Dodo, Platypus

Not an error, but these three have decent Stealth bonuses (well, the Dodo not so much, but I'm including it anyway), despite not spending a single skill point in it. Wouldn't be bad if they got listed.
Archaeopteryx: +10
Dodo: +4
Platypus: +10

- Tuatara

1) Skills: Acrobatics bonus/penalty for jumping due to high/low base speed is usually not listed among Racial Modifiers. Here, it is.

2) Not of any real importance, but it's missing the Treasure entry (listing, of course, "none").

3) Same as the Archaeopteryx, Dodo and Platypus above; Tuatara's Stealth bonus is +9.

4) It has Attach with its bite, but I'm missing the point of such ability for this creature, since it has no other special effect depending on it or any sort of grabbing. Also, the Tuatara has no bonus to CMB to maintain a grapple, as mentioned in the Attach universal monster rule.

Festering Spirit, page 98

1) Not strictly an error, but the stat block doesn't remind that the range for the Stench Aura is 30 ft., which would be handy to have there.

2) This may be intentional (creature's description doesn't offer hints on wether it is or not), but the Languages entry is missing.

3) Given Trample's unusual effects for this creature, while it may be clear enough for who's accustomed to the rules, for others maybe it should be specified that a successful save negates all effects, instead of just halving the damage as per the normal Trample rules.

chopswil wrote:

Flea, Mammoth p. 99

Melee Attack Bonus-Bite: Computed: 3 Stat Block: 4
3 BAB +1 AbilityBonus -1 SizeMod

CMB: Computed: 5 Stat Block: +6
3 BAB +1 SizeMod +1 AbilityMod

Bite's damage bonus too is listed as +3 but should be +1.

Basically, everything involving Str except CMD seems to have been calculated on a Str of 14 or 15, and I wonder if the actual error wasn't in listing the Mammoth Flea's Str as 13 (Str 14 or 15 would also bring the average damage closer to the guidelines in the Monster Creation chapter for a CR 2 creature).

Fleshwarp, Ghonhatine, page 102

1) The Regurgitate attack roll should be listed as a ranged touch attack, as per the normal splash-weapon attack rules.

2) The save DCs for Powerful Stench and Regurgitate are listed as 24, but should be 25 (as for the Filth Fever).

3) Feed ability says it works on just a dead or unconscious creature; it should specify the minimum size of the target (bringing it to the extreme, a Fine creature would be as much as a candy, hardly it could satiate the Ghonhatine enough to give those bonuses), and the maximum size it can devour in that full-round action.
Also, it should specify what happens if the target is just unconscious; does it take damage as per a bite coup de grace? And what if it survives but is of size small enough that the Ghonathine can devour it in a full-round action?

Fleshwarp, page 101

Maybe the rules for creating Fleshwarp should mention something like an HD/CR progression cost for the fleshwarping process...
I mean, why would the Drow waste resources to create Grothluths when, for the same cost, they can produce Ghonathines or other stronger beings?

Fleshwarp, Grothlut, page 103

1) The damage bonus for the slams is listed as +3, but should be +2.

2) The range for Piteous Moan is listed as 30 ft. in the Aura entry and 60 ft. in the ability's description.
Not sure which one is correct; 30 is a more common range for auras, but the text has a little higher chance of being written as intended with the other entry possibly be left untouched due to forgetting about it.

3) The DCs for Digestive Spew, Disgusting Demise and Piteous Moan are listed respectively as 15, 14 and 15, but they should all be 16.
Also, about Piteous Moan's DC increment for additional Grothluts, maybe it'd be better to say "up to a maximum of +3" (or whatever the limit should be), rather than writing a fixed DC that would interact unpleasantly with possible changes to Constitution or HD.

Fleshwarp, Halsora, page 104

Spores: the range of the burst is not given.
Also, a Fort save (instead of Ref) to avoid the damage, and the damage being equal to the Halsora's claws (relying on Str) is a truly odd mechanic.

Fleshwarp, Irnakurse, page 105

Other than the already reported issues with attack bonuses...

1) Feats: it has Deflect Arrows, for which it lacks the prerequisite Improved Unarmed Strike. Unless natural weapons such as tentacles can be considered a substitute requisite, that feat should be changed (personally, I'd change it with Multiattack).

2) Both Mind Lash and Soul Scream lack "This is a mind-affecting effect."

Flying Polyp, page 106-107

1) Sucking Wind says that, as a free action, the effect can be extended to up to five creatures. As worded, the Polyp can do this right from the first turn in which it uses this ability, thus making it pointless to specify that it normally affects one creature and can be extended to others freely.
I think it wanted to be "as a free action while concentrating", implying from the second turn or after.
Also, this part: "Each targeted creature must succeed at a DC 26 Fortitude save each round it remains in the area of the sucking wind or it is slowed until it leaves the area." should be changed to: "Each targeted creature must succeed at a DC 26 Fortitude save each round it remains in the area of the sucking wind or it is slowed for 1 round.", otherwise it creates some wording conflict.

2) In its lovecraftian origin, the Flying Polyp had no sight and instead had senses that could trepass normal sight's limits, so, shouldn't it have blindsight instead of darkvision?

3) Aberrations can elect any one Knowledge skill as a class skill; the Flying Polyp isn't benefitting from this for no reason.

Side note: curious how this lovecraftian creature forces this game's rules to break the normal air-electricity association.

Formian, all

1) Is there really a reason why Formian Traits were listed among universal monster rules rather than grouped under a Formian subtype (which, then, should have been added in the stat blocks)?

2) Telepathic Caster: fluff-wise, I suppose the intent of this ability was to indicate that Formians basically use a form of psionic power, in place of normal spells. The way it is worded, though, it doesn't make full sense when associated to the rules. Telepathy is a form of communication akin to the verbal one, so it'd make sense for the ability to rule that Formians ignore verbal components of spells, but if they are really to be treated as spell-like abilities in full, the fluff would better be modified.

Formian, Myrmarch

Other than already reported issues...

1) Minor format error in Languages entry: between normal languages and Telepathy there is normally a semicolon, not a comma.

2) Poison: the duration of the sickened condition is not specified. 1 round?

3) Alright with the fact that monsters don't have to be optimized, but Vital Strike is really a waste here; it allows 1d8 more damage (at best) on a single attack, where a simple Power Attack would add +8 to all.
(Since I'm at it, I wanted to point out Vital Strike for the Flying Polyp too... changing Vital Strike to the never-used Improved Natural Attack [tentacles] would be much better.)

Liberty's Edge RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32, 2011 Top 16

I'm pretty sure the Pazio rule of thumb is that Improved Natural Attack never gets used for standard monster descriptions, since they could have just written the damage to be a die better in the first place. INA is used for building advanced versions of monsters, whether with class levels, or just a particularly burly extra HD version.

I understand. Another almost-never-used one is Ability Focus, but anyway there are many other feats better than a Vital Strike without the rest of its chain, for a monster, especially for one that isn't focused in high-damage attacks.

Formian Queen, page 110

Other than already reported issues...

1) Minor: 3/day and 1/day spell like abilities' entries were inverted (1/day were listed first, rather than last as usual).

2) Apart from CMB and CMD being wrong per se, as already reported by others, the bonus to CMD against trip is a +8, meaning that it takes into consideration four legs in addition to the standard two and the arms, making a total of eight limbs. Other than the fact that ants, whom the Formians are based on, have six total limbs, all other Formians in the book have their bonus vs. trip at +4, meaning only two additional legs and thus the normal total of six limbs.
So, in short, unless the Queen has two more legs on purpose, which would be an odd choice, the bonus vs. trip should be only +4.

3) I know it's surely not common that any group of PCs will ever fight two different Queens in the same day, but anyway... the Telepathic Feedback ability doesn't specify wether the 24-hours-immunity to the ability in case of successful save is related only to the same Queen's Telepathic Feedback (as usual for things like this) or to the ability in its entirety, no matter who uses it (as worded, right now it's the latter; can't know if purposeful or error).

4) Although all the issues mentioned about attacks, CMB/CMD, and whatnot that involves Str are true if we assume that Str 6 is correct, I think the Str value is exactly the only wrong thing. Everything seems to have been calculate on a Str of 30/31 (+10), and it'd make more sense for such a creature to have 30 Str than 6.
yes, it's a creature that doesn't fight much or train her muscles in other ways, since she spends life just sitting about in a chamber, but she's also a Large creature with a solid build, and personally I find it more odd to see her at Str 6 than at Str 30.

Formian Taskmaster, page 111

Other than already reported issues...

Minor formatting: Bard spells per day list only the number and not the usual "/day" part.

A side note on the Formian Taskmaster: like all other poisonous Formians who use some weapon, the Taskmaster too could have "plus poison" listed with his dart damage.

chopswil wrote:

Formian Worker p. 113

I suspect that it has been given knowledge (engineering) and profession (miner) as class skills (being that this is the creature's role), but it hasn't been indicated at any point.

I too get the same result. Given the Worker's description as harvester/builder/crafter/etc., I think it'd be good to give it a special ability mentioning it gets Knowledge (engineering and nature), all Craft, and all profession skills as class skills. Or on any two or three or four skills that are a combination of Craft, Knowledge and Profession, or something else like that.

Fossegrim, page 114

Other than already reported issues...

1) Typo in Drowning Touch's text: in the first sentence, the Enchanting Music ability has been spelled "enchanted music".

2) Again on Drowning Touch: the way it is worded, it looks like the drowning lasts a total of 3 rounds (unless stopped earlier), but I suppose the intention was to have it go on until the target is dead (or saves successfully). For that, the sentence about the effect for the third round should be changed to "on the following rounds it must attempt to save again or lose 1d6 hit points" (instead of just "on the next round").

3) Special Attacks entry: apart from the fact that in this section the DCs are usually listed only for universal monster abilities (since peciuliar ones have their own text in the page of the creature itself), the listed DC for Drowning Touch is listed as 14, but the correct one is 16 (as in the ability's text).

4) Treasure Form's text says that it is also a mind-affecting effect, but there is actually nothing in the ability that affects a creature's mind, only the illusion.

Fungal Creature, pages 116-117

1) Languages: unlike a normal Nymph, the Fungal one has Undercommon. Although in theme with the Fungal template, this isn't granted by it. So, it must be a bonus language from Int; in this case, put aside the obscure printing habit for which monsters don't usually have those languages listed in the stat block (unless they have class levels or have unusually built stat blocks, like Dragons), why list one but not the others?

2) Create Spawn ability's text says: "A fungal spawn gains the fungal creature template, but it loses all class levels and memories of the base creature from which it was spawned. If the base creature has 1 or fewer racial Hit Dice and normally has class levels, use a 1st-level warrior version of it as the base creature."
Now, about this:
A. I think the correct wording wanted to be "If the base creature has 1 or fewer Hit Dice and normally has class levels", without "racial". Because there is no creature with 1 racial HD and who normally has class levels.
B. Why that? If one is a 1st-level Wizard and begets a Fungal duplicate of himself, why would it come out as a Warrior? Not only the Fungal Spawn would lose abilities that the base creature had (like spellcasting), but would gain others out of nothing (increased combat ability from higher BAB, weapon proficiencies, etc.). Other than the fact that if the Fungal template can duplicate higher level class abilities, I can't see why it shouldn't do the same with just one level.
C. It collides with what is written on the Type and Hit Dice entries of the template; respectively: "Do not recalculate base class Hit Dice, BAB, saves, or skill points" (although that "base class" is an odd and unusual choice of word; I suppose that "base" should be removed) and "Class Hit Dice are unaffected".
My postulation: either those sentences about losing class levels and using a 1st-level Warrior should be removed, or the Warrior part should be changed to a 1 HD Plant creature with no class levels and the Hit Dice entry should be changed to "Class levels are dropped".

Gaki, page 118

Other than already reported issues...

Special Attacks: the DC for the fear cone is listed as 16, but should be 18.

Gallowdead, page 119

1) Aura of Whispers's wording doesn't make the duration of the nausea clear. Is it 1d4 like the shaken condition, or does it last indefinitely until the victim saves? About the recovery saves each turn, too, it's unclear if it refers to just the nauseated condition or shaken too.
Also, it says that once a save is successful, a creature is immune to the ability, not to just the aura of the same Gallowdead. Intentional?
Finally, minor: it says it's a "language-based" effect; usually, it's worded "language-dependant".

2) Chains of the Dead: it isn't clear if the combat maneuver is a grapple maneuver (although a non-standard one) or if it's a special maneuver. This makes a difference in case someone wants to swap any Gallowdead's feat for Improved Grapple and such, because their bonuses may or may not apply depending on the maneuver being a grapple or not.

3) Not technically an error, but ignoring this monster's origin and inspiration, I have to note that its description states a Gallowdead becomes a "servant of those who condemned it". That is kind of odd, so I wondered if that was really the intent, or if "servant" is a copy/paste leftover, a word slipped in there in place of something like "hunter", or I don't know what else.

Gashadokuro, page 121

1) Aura entry: the DC is listed as 25, but the correct one is 24, as in the ability's description.

2) Not a technical error, but the Breath Weapon, which deals bludgeoning damage, mentions bone shards. "Shard" is a word that would suggest piercing or slashing damage.

Gathlain, page 122

Other than already reported issues...

1) AC lists a +2 natural armor bonus, but it should only have +1, as for the Gathlain racial traits (AC and flat-footed AC values use the +2, and thus should be lowered accordingly).
d20pfsrd.com lists the bonus as +2 in the racial traits, but ARG, which is the actual source, says +1.

2) Gathlain Characters section, Small entry: it says "gain a +1 size bonus on attack rolls"; should also add "and AC".

3) While not an error and not a priority for a Sorcerer, the sample Gathlain might want to have his Stealth bonus listed, since it'd be his highest skill, despite not having a single rank in it; Stealth +7 (+3 Dex, +4 size).

4) Missing the Ranged entry: Spear +4 (1d6+1/x3).

Geist, page 124

Other than already reported issues...

1) Terrifying Laugh should be listed as being also a sonic effect.

2) Terrifying Laugh: the duration of the panicked condition isn't specified. While the definition of the condition itself states that a creatures stays so until she's out of sight/hearing of whatever made she panicked (well, actually it doesn't say that she ceases to be panicked, just that she can start acting normally again, which is different), all abilities I can remember who cause creatures to be panicked had a duration (see for example Cloaker, Ghost, Yeth Hound...) or other conditions (see Spectre). I think the Geist's ability should too, though I don't know how much. Also, with undefined duration, for a creature unable to escape and forced to cower this would basically be a save or die effect (or, at best, a save or suck, because the allies will have to kill the Geist on their own while one character can do nothing for the whole fight, no matter how long it lasts).

Gholdako, page 125

Other than already reported issues...


chopswil wrote:

Gholdako p. 125

pedantic formatting: extra space before period in description "gruesome and untimely end for most would-be ."

I think there's a missing word there... "for most would-be [raiders/trepassers/heroes/whatever]."

2) The Dread Gholdako lists a "+1 CR", but doesn't specify how many additional HD it gets. Just one or two may be too few to even justify bothering to add them, but more could lead to more than +1 CR.

Giant, all

1) Old issue from previous Bestiaries showing again: Rock Throwing universal monster rule says that the damage for rocks is generally twice the base slam damage plus 1-1/2 Str. That "generally", however, is nowhere near a general rule, since almost no creature follows it. Most if not all the creatures with Rock Throwing, or at least surely all the Giants in this Bestiary, use only the slam base damage, not twice, and normal Str, not 1-1/2 (except the Ocean Giant who has 2d8 listed while his base slam is 2d6 and uses 1-1/2 Str).

2) Wanting to remember the proficiency issue that popped out in previous Bestiary errata threads: some Giants had Martial Weapon Proficiency (something) in their stat blocks, while others were considered proficient in martial weapons despite lacking the feat, so the general agreement was to add to the Giant subtype (but maybe also to all creature types, when a creature has racial HD) the rule by which they're proficient with whatever they have on their stat-block.
If this is going to be applied, all the Martial Weapon Proficiency feats that Giants have should be changed with something else (for the River Giant in particulat, that could be Power Attack, filling up the missing requisite for Improved Bull Rush).

Giant, Cliff, page 126

Other than already reported issues...

3 skill points have been assigned in excess, or one skill that isn't a class skill has been mistakenly considered so, or armor penalty to Climb hasn't been counted.

Listed skills:

Climb +18 (+7 ranks, +8 Str, +3 class, +3 skill focus, -3 armor penalty)
Diplomacy +8 (+7 ranks, +1 Cha)
Handle Animal +11 (+7 ranks, +1 Cha, +3 class)
Knowledge (geography) +5 (+4 racial, +1 Int)
Knowledge (nature) +11 (+10 ranks, +1 Int)
Perception +15 (+7 ranks, +2 Wis, +3 class, +3 skill focus)
Survival +12 (+7 ranks, +2 Wis, +3 class)

Total ranks used: 45
Total ranks it should have: (2, +1 Int) * 14 HD = 42

(If there's a way to get those bonuses with 42 ranks by rearranging them to exploit the increase in Skill Focus bonuses at 10 ranks, I'm missing it.)

Giant, Ocean, page 127

Other than already reported issues...

1) Typo in Conch Focus' text: "Great Shout" should be "Greater Shout".

2) Ranged entry is missing "or mwk trident +14 (3d6+15)".

3) Might be on purpose, but the Ocean Giant is missing the Rock Catching ability.

Giant, River, page 128

Other than already reported issues...

1) Ranged entry is missing "or spear +6 (2d6+5/x3)".

2) Typo in description, second paragraph, fourth sentence: "such as nearly tripping a raft with passengers"; I think it wanted to be "nearly tripping".

Golem, Blood, page 130

1) A few things about the Clotted Skin ability and its relation to the written stat block:

  • The ability lists the five traits that the Blood Golem gains or loses; humanoid shape: DR, natural armor and 30 ft. speed; liquid shape: lose the previous, gain Amorphous and Compression, reduce speed to 10 ft.;
    The stat block lists all of them at the same time, not specifying which form is the one actually statted, and listing the reduced speed of the liquid form. Assuming the shape statted wanted to be the humanoid one, the stat block should feature the normal 30 ft speed and add something like "(in liquified form only)" after both Amorphous and Compression.
  • I think the Amorphous quality should be retained in both forms. In Pathfinder, Constructs (and Undead) were made susceptible to critical hits and precision damage because, despite not being living creatures, they still have bodies with parts that work in concert; joints, pistons, etc., which are more delicate than a straight slash to the chest. Well, the Blood Golem is different. Even in humanoid form, it is just a big blob of blood with a harder outside shell, it doesn't have vital parts or more delicate sections, so it's basically amorphous in both its shapes.

2) Typo in Immunity to Magic: "Cure spells affect it as if it were a living creature"... "was".

Golem, Coral, page 131

Claw damage: first, it lists +10 from Str, but since it has two claws and not just one, and has no special ability adding more damage, it should have the normal +7 from Str.
Second, I think the base damage wanted to be at least 2d6. It is Large, it is a brute, it only has one form of attack, and even the Medium Blood Golem has 2d6 as its base damage...

Golem, Junk, page 132

1) Minor format in Disease: "frequency 1 day" should be "frequency 1/day".

2) Typos in Immunity to Magic: "A grease spell affects the junk golem as if it were haste" and "An arcane lock or hold portal spell affects the junk golem as if it were a slow spell"... "was" for both.

3) Minor typo in melee line: "2 slam" should be "2 slams".

Graeae, page 134

Strife2002 wrote:

Pg. 134 - Graeae

This creature's flight is a little weird. It has a 60 ft. fly speed with good maneuverability (exactly like that of a fly spell), but it's fly spell-like ability is listed as being at will, not constant. This breaks the norm for how stat blocks list this.

Personally, I'd change all three the At-Will Spell-Like Abilities to Constant.

chopswil wrote:

Graeae p. 134

a bunch of spell DCs are off
Numerically, it appears that she's using her IntMod for her SLA DCs, as well as for that concentration. Double checked against the other hag type creatures in other bestiaries, and they all clearly are using ChaMod (the concentration check to SLAs didn't appear until Bestiary 2, so I can only verify that against one of the hag types)

This one, I'd solve by adding a simple line to Eye of the Graeae: "The graeae uses Intelligence as her casting ability for her spell-like abilities granted by eye of the graeae."

Other than already reported issues...

1) Typo (or sort of) in Coven's text: "...or could or include hags or witches..."

2) Shouldn't the stat block include something about AC/hp of the eye and its other possible defensive stats? It's easy to assume that many people fighting a Graeae would try to destroy or steal it.

3) SR is listed as 16, but should be 17.
Normally, SR is equal to CR + 11, and a non-mythic Graeae's CR would be 4, so CR 15; then, since the Mythic subtype adds the MR (2) to it, 17.

4) Luck Ripple lists ability checks and skill checks as separate things; they should fall under the same category.

Great Old One, Bokrug, pages 136-137

1) Typo in description, second paragraph, third sentence (and fourth... that's exactly the issue):
"Yet the still, ominous waters are neither stale nor brackish, implying that they connect somewhere deep underground, and. By way of these dark, secret waterways, Bokgrug has access to..."
The bold part should be:
"...and by way of these..."

2) Typo in Unspeakable Presence: "as long as it remains within the area of affect"... "effect".

3) Spell-like abilities: Tsunami is listed as having DC 26, but should have DC 27.

4) For love of completedness, Critical Poisoning should mention that, along with the +4 to DC, the duration increases by 6 rounds (3 rounds for each additional dose).
Also, the part "A foe that is normally immune to poison can be affected by Bokrug's poison in this way..." should specify a living foe; it's hard to picture Shadows or Ghosts affected by a poison, with their lack of circulatory system.

5) Defensive Abilities: Insanity has DC listed as 41, but should be 33 (Charisma-based).

6) Poison says that "A creature whose Wisdom damage equals its Wisdom score automatically becomes afflicted by a random insanity", which, as worded, means "if a creature's Wisdom is reduced to 0, it becomes affected by the insanity". When Wisdom is reduced to 0, though, the victim becomes unconcious, so it should be specified that the victim gains the insanity and retains it even after recovering Wisdom (unless, of course, it is subject to effects that heal Wisdom damage and remove insanity at the same time).
The same also goes for Vengeful Dreams' Wisdom drain.

Great Old One, Cthulhu, pages 138-139

Other than already reported issues...

1) Space and Reach are both listed as 40 ft.; this may be intentional, of course, but since it's absolutely unusual (I think unique, actually, as far as Bestiaries go), there's a chance it's an error.
Also, if it's intentional and we're going beyond normal Colossal size, the penalties and bonuses to attack rolls, AC, CMB and CMD should also change accordingly.

2) Given his nature, shouldn't Cthulu have the Aquatic subtype, the Amphibious special quality, and know Aquan and Draconic as default languages?

3) Not an error per se, as much as a couple fluff/rule controversies: Nightmare (but also Sending and Dream) requires that the target is specifically named or otherwise designated, but if Cthulhu is confined in R'lyeh, how can he know whom to send the Nightmare? Provided he cannot leave with Greater Teleport or Gate, the only way he has to know whatever is outside R'lyeh (and thus to know creatures), is Astral Projection. Now, provided that he may possess magic items to make him invisible, to let him change shape, and such, why wouldn't he use his unlimited Astral Projection to just do things on his own and lay waste to everything? I mean, while his body is safe in a sealed location, he can project himself on the Astral, and then enter other planes, including Material, with a new body that is totally disposable (if it gets killed, Cthulhu can project himself again in 30 minutes, enemies do not get loot from him even if he's full of magic stuff, he doesn't get the negative levels thanks to his energy drain immunity, and he can also bring any kind of minion with him, just in case, and those minions have his same level of safety, except for the negative levels if they aren't immune). He may not want to draw too much attention because even the mightiest and best protected is a fool to make too many people mad at him, but still he can ruin worlds in very short time with an at-will Astral Projection... he'd have very little interest in carefully choosing someone to send visions to, especially given that he doesn't care about mortals, not even his own cultists.
This is to say that rather than having at-will Astral Projection and a Nightmare spell-like ability (with related special abilities) that he must willingly and consciously direct onto someone, he should probably have a passive ability that radiates his consciousness into the dreams of random targets across the universe (or at least planet).

Great Old One, Hastur, pages 140-141

Other than already reported issues...

1) Same controversy as Cthulhu above about Astral Projection, Nightmare, Fulvous Dreams, knowing who has seen the Yellow Sign, etc.

2) Yellow Sign:

  • Text lists a DC of 35 to dispel it. Reversing normal dispelling rules, that would mean for this ability Hastur uses a CL of 24 (35 - 11), but that isn't Hastur normal CL nor is specified anywhere, so, as far as I know, this could be intentional as much as it could be an error; using Hastur's normal CL of 29, the DC to dispel would be 40.
  • CL is necessary also to determine the duration of the Dominate Monster effect.
  • RAW, Hastur doesn't have much use for a dominated creature... he can't give it commands unless he's in vocal or telepathic range; but if he is, he probably won't care what that creature does and won't have much use for it, unless it's some exceptional creature or circumstance. This could be solved by adding that Hastur can communicate telepathically with a dominated creature at unlimited distance on the same plane.
  • No range is given for the Yellow Sign's effects, only "if a creature looks at it"; that'd mean that a Yellow Sign in the right place might enslave an entire city to Hastur in a moment...

3) Fulvous Dreams:

  • Text says that the victim is compelled to search the Yellow Sign, so it should mention, at the end, that this is also a compulsion effect.
  • The -4 penalty against symbols (text says "symbol spells", but it'd be better to "symbol effects) should probably apply against the Yellow Sign, but it isn't specified anywhere that the Yellow Sign is a symbol effect.
  • It isn't specified if the Yellow Sign must or not be active to make the obsession end, nor if the creature must have seen an active one or not to be an eligible target for this ability.

4) Skills: addition racial modifier to jump due to high/low base speed isn't usually included among normal racial modifiers; here, it is.

5) Immortality: the urge to put the robes one should be a mind-affecting compulsion effect.
(And I suppose the victim's death is not to be considered a death effect, since it's physical destruction, like Disintegrate.)

Gremlin, Grimple, page 142

1) Spell-Like Abilities: old issue of DCs for creatures who don't have the minimum ability score necessary to cast the spell version, and for whom the DC should probably be calculated as if they had exactly the minimum score, as for magic items' DCs.

2) Not an error, as far as the stat block itself goes, but with the description saying it can only fly short distances thanks to its flaps, shouldn't it have a glide special quality specifying that it can fly but its movement must end on some surface?

3) Given their nature of torturing dogs, trying to harm humans with accidents, etc., shouldn't Grimples be Evil, rather than (Chaotic) Neutral? It's not like they act innocently with no grasp of the consequences...

Gremlin, Haniver, page 143

Other than already reported issues...

Given their nature of foolish curiosity with no reasonable purpose and all the rest, shouldn't Hanivers be Chaotic Neutral, rather than just Neutral?
Also, a controversy on the Good/Evil axis: their description says they don't steal out of maliciousness, but the short introductive text at the beginning of the stat block says they're eyes burn with malevolence. Should that be "burn with curiosity"? On the other hand, as far as the Bestiaries go (dunno about other books with monsters in them), the Haniver is the only non-evil Gremlin (well, the Grimple too, but, as mentioned above, I suppose that's an error). Even the general Gremlin description in Bestiary 2 depicts all of them as quite evil. So, I wonder if the Haniver's description should be changed to say that they are actually happy to cause trouble and their alignment be set to CE.

Gremlin, Monaciello, page 144

1) Spell-Like Abilities: Dc for Ghost Sound is listed as 12, but should be 11.

2) Melee entry should include an "or" between bite info and dagger info. Or else should list the dagger first, and the bite second with an attack modifier of -1 (used as a secondary attack after a manufactured weapon).

3) Missing the Ranged entry with "dagger +4 (1d3-2/19-20)".

4) Description says a Monaciello weighs about 20 pounds. Maybe it was intentional to make it unseemingly light, but a 2-1/2 ft. tall creature - and not a thin one, if the picture holds any weight (pardon the pun) - probably weighs at least double that amount.

5) Skills, Racial Modifier: not truly an error, but an unusual format/wording: the Stealth modifier would have better been worded as "+4 Stealth when immobile", and the actual Stealth bonus as "Stealth +14 (+18 when immobile)".

6) Stymie Channeling's text lacks "The save DC is Charisma-based."

Grendel, page 145

Other than already reported issues...

Skills: the bonus/penalty to Acrobatics from high/low base speed isn't usually mentioned among the racial modifiers.

Guardian Dragon, pages 146-147

Other than already reported issues...

1) Spell-Like Abilities:
Major Curse DC is listed as 22, but should be 23 (taking the Wiz/Sor spell level first, when available).
Leashed Shackles DC is listed as 21, but should be 23 (same as above).

2) Not technically an error, but it's odd for an intelligent creature with the Aquatic subtype (and especially one as mighty, old, etc. as this) to not speak Aquan as a base language.

3) SR is listed as 35, but should be 40.
Normally, SR is equal to CR + 11, and a non-mythic Guardian Dragon's CR would be 19, so CR 30; then, since the Mythic subtype adds the MR (10) to it, 40.

4) CMD: other than the wrong base value already reported by chopswil, the increased value against grapple shouldn't be there, because the Guardian Dragon has no CMD bonus against grapple (the Grab ability only grants +4 on CMB).

5) Minor, format: in the Melee entry, bite should be before claws. (Also, although it's clear for someone who's experienced with the Bestiaries, maybe it should be specified that the Guardian Dragon's melee attacks follow the same rules as true Dragons'.)

Universal Monster Rules, page 298

Typo in Recuperation, second sentence: "...it regains a number of hit points equal to half its full hit points (up to a maximum of its full hit points) and regain the use of..."; the bold one should be "regains", singular third person.

Hamadryad, page 148

Other than already reported issues...

1) Spell-Like Abilities: Confusion DC is listed as 19, but should be 20 (using the Sor/Wiz spell level, when available).

2) Apart from the other skill points issues, the Craft bonus for wood should be +14, since, thanks to Woodcraft, the hamadryad is also considered as having masterwork tools.

3) Format: in the SQ entry, Wild Empathy usually lists the bonus too (see Nymph stat block, for example). For the Hamadryad it would be +26.

Harionago, page 149

Other than already reported issues...

1) Melee: hair barbs attack bonus is listed as +12, but should be +13.

2) Typo in Infectious Laughter's text, second sentence: "A creature that hears the laughter must succeed at a DC 23 Will saving thrown..." without the N.

Herd Animal, Stag, page 150

Skills: the Acrobatics bonus is missing "(+18 to jump)" after it.

Hyakume, page 153

Other than already reported issues...

1) There are a couple issues with the Slam and around it:
First, slam is a natural weapon, not an unarmed attack, so of course the Hyakume has no need for Improved Unarmed Strike (also, its Monk Abilities state that it's the slam to function as a 15th-level Monk, not the unarmed strike). At that point, the only purpose of Improved Unarmed Strike is to fill up the requisites for Stunning Fist, and by itself is basically a wasted feat. Wouldn't it be better to swap it with something else (Weapon Finesse would be great) and specify in Monk Abilities that its slams counts as unarmed strikes for the purpose of fulfilling feat prerequisites?
Second, it should be specified that the slams function as a 15th-level Monk's unarmed strikes for base damage only, otherwise the slam attacks could be listed as +18/+13/+8.


JoelF847 wrote:
p. 153 Hyakume - Since the point of the eye probe is to spy on creatures and other areas, and it can be attacked, what is the size (Fine I'm guessing), and what is the Stealth bonus for the eyes, or the DC to spot them with Perception?

Mere speculation, but from the listed AC 22 I'd extract +8 Dex (the normal Hyakume Dex bonus) and +4 size would remain, meaning Diminutive size (which isn't odd... if the eyes of a Medium creature are Fine, the eyes of a Large one like this can be Diminutive). That would also make the eyes' Stealth bonus +20 (+8 Dex, +12 size), unless we want to add ranks and the +3 from being a class skill (in which case the total depends on possible modifications to the amount of ranks, given the skill issues reported by chopswil).

3) Spell-Like Abilities: Share Memory, Cold Ice Strike and Sonic Thrust don't list their DCs; respectively, 21, 25 and 24.

4) Special Attacks: Stunning Fist's uses are listed as 4/day, but if the Hyakume uses it like a 15th-level Monk, it should have it 15/day (or 16, if the 15 levels are subtracted from its 19 racial HD an the remaining 4 are considered non-Monk HD to be added). Unless the Hyakume's Monk Abilities are edited to specify that only the effects of the Stunning Fist are taken from a 15th-level Monk, and nothing else.

5) Not an error, but I have to point out: since nowhere is stated that a creature drained of her memories regains them at the Hyakume's death or in any other case except the Hyakume itself using Transfer Memories on her, the only way to restore an affected PC would be to force (in whatever fashion) the Hyakume to do it. Problem is, if no PC in the group makes an high enough Knowledge check to know those powers of the Hyakume, the group will just kill it and it'll be very troublesome... for just a couple of unfortunate rolls in an encounter, the group should set on a quest to know how to restore the affected PC, probably needing to resurrect the Hyakume and force it to give the memories back. Is this really how the creature was created to do, or should something be fixed?

Grand Lodge

Astral Wanderer wrote:

Colossus, all three, pages 35-37

Colossus, Flesh, page 35

Other than already reported issues...

2) Alternate Form special ability mentions a "elctricity absorption"; with the Colossus possessing no such ability, I suppose it wanted to be "electricity immunity".

3) There are 3 ranks assigned in excess. With the Flesh Colossus having a total of 16 skill points (1 per HD, given its low Int), the assigned ones are:
Intimidate +11 (13 ranks, -2 Cha)
Perception +8 (8 ranks)
Total used: 13 + 8 = 21

2) Actually I think this is correct as written. It says its composite creatures are identical to flesh golems, but without the flesh golem's immunity to magic ability. That ability has a somewhat lesser form of electricity absorption, so it's possible that to make up for the fact that the flesh golem-parts of a flesh colossus lose that ability, they get the more potent electricity absorption to compensate, just none of the other stuff that ability grants.

3) I see what you did here, and you're correct, but you got a little mixed up when writing out your example, and ended up listing Intimidate as +11 to begin with, when it's really +9 and +11 is what you get when you take out the Cha mod (you got rid of it twice). You're still correct, it's 3 points in excess, but your example doesn't reflect that and could confuse someone.

Astral Wanderer wrote:

Great Old One, Cthulhu, pages 138-139

2) Given his nature, shouldn't Cthulu have the Aquatic subtype, the Amphibious special quality, and know Aquan and Draconic as default languages?

After looking at his Star-Spawn's stat-block, I wanted to correct the above with the other option that is, in fact, more accurate: forget the Aquatic subtype and the Amphibious ability, and just give Cthulhu the No Breath ability, instead.

For the languages, I'm still not sure, though.

Grand Lodge

I was looking over the demon lords, can anybody point out where their profane bonus to AC comes from?

I guess unnamed/unlisted special abilities, like other monsters here and there have. Sometimes profane or sacred, sometimes insight, sometimes whatever else...

Hypnalis, page 154

Not an error, but in Poison's text is written: "If a hypnalis poisons an ethereal creature while on the Ethereal Plane"... aren't all creatures on the Ethereal Plane automatically ethereal? Isn't it redundant, or am I missing some exception?
Also, that effect forcing a victim to the Material Plane should specify that any non-constant or non-inherent effect the victim was using to be ethereal ends/is dispelled/whatever. Otherwise, anyone using Ethereal Jaunt (as in the example), even if forced back to the Material Plane, would become ethereal again the next round, as long as the duration hasn't expired.

Ijiraq, page 155

1) Missing the Languages entry altogether. Personally, I'd assign Common and Sylvan as its basic languages.

2) Its Fly spell-like ability isn't constant, but being at will it's almost the same... maybe its Fly bonus should be included among skills. It's Fly +13 (+2 Dex, +4 maneuverability, +7 for half CL).

Immortal Ichor, page 156

Other than already reported issues...

1) It has blindsense, but shouldn't it be blindsight as normal for Oozes (especially those lacking other senses and with no eyes)?


chopswil wrote:

Immortal Ichor p. 156

SLA DC-charm person: Computed: 16 Stat Block: 18
10 +1 Spell.SLA_Level +5 AbilityBonus

The remaining +2 is from the Ability Focus feat.


chopswil wrote:

+28 profane AC mod from where? usually some SA for this

forgot the base 10 to AC
AC Math: Computed: 42 Stat Block: 32
10 +1 dodge +3 Dex +28 profane

Assuming the profane bonus is an unlisted/unnamed special ability, I'd assume the correct amount is 18, so there's room for the base 10 and at the same time AC doesn't go rocketing to 42 for a CR 17 monster. (The CMD would then be 52.)

4) The CMB lists a "+24 grapple", but the monster has nor the Grab ability nor anything else granting that.

5) Wisdom Drain with no save... intentional or error?

6) Medium creature with a slam dealing 6d6 base damage... intentional or error?

7) The descriptive text says the Immortal Ichor tends to look for a body to possess, but it has no possessing special ability (nor Magic Jar).
Pointing this out in case it was originally intended to have such ability but mistakenly lost it during editing, copy/pasting or whatever.

Grand Lodge

Astral Wanderer wrote:

Demon Lord, Kostchtchie, pages 48-49

1) Clutch Foe special ability says Kostchtchie takes a -20 on the grapple check to grab roll, but it's not clear if such penalty is to be applied for all the following related maneuver rolls (maintain the grapple, constrict, etc.) or if it is applied only on the initial roll.
As it is written ("he takes a -20 penalty on the grapple check"), I'd assume it's only the first one, but I can't be sure.
Also, this is personal, but I really don't understand the reason of that -20. I would have understood a bonus of +20, but the penalty, and so high too, really leaves me scratching my head.

I think it's just reiterating the standard rules for the grab universal monster rule:

Universal Monster Rules wrote:

Grab (Ex) If a creature with this special attack hits with the indicated attack (usually a claw or bite attack), it deals normal damage and attempts to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. Unless otherwise noted, grab can only be used against targets of a size equal to or smaller than the creature with this ability. If the creature can use grab on creatures of other sizes, it is noted in the creature's Special Attacks line. The creature has the option to conduct the grapple normally, or simply use the part of its body it used in the grab to hold the opponent. If it chooses to do the latter, it takes a –20 penalty on its CMB check to make and maintain the grapple, but does not gain the grappled condition itself. A successful hold does not deal any extra damage unless the creature also has the constrict special attack. If the creature does not constrict, each successful grapple check it makes during successive rounds automatically deals the damage indicated for the attack that established the hold. Otherwise, it deals constriction damage as well (the amount is given in the creature's descriptive text).

Creatures with the grab special attack receive a +4 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to start and maintain a grapple.

Notice the part I put in bold. I believe what clutch foe is saying is if Kostchtchie decides to use the "I don't want to have the grappled condition myself" feature that grab allows him to take advantage of, he gets to use clutch foe.

What I wanna know is whether or not that -20 already includes the -4 penalty a humanoid-shaped creature suffers for not having both hands free when trying to grapple.

Uhm, if it's just that, sure is oddly worded and redundant... I'd hope it gets edited in any case.

Incutilis, page 157

1) Typo of sort in the short introductive text: "...its crimson-streaked flesh textured like the surface a brain." should be "the surface of a brain."

2) Tentacles attack bonus is listed as +2, but should be +7 (+3 BAB, +2 Str, +2 size). I suppose the -5 for tentacles normally being a secondary natural weapon has been added, but when a creature has no other natural weapon, a secondary one becomes primary.

3) The Puppetmaster ability says the Incutilis can attack with its tentacles while attached, but with its 0 ft. reach, it really can't unless it's in the same space as the target (and the commanded Zombie, of course), but that would be the case only if it commands the Zombie to grapple the target. Given that it has tentacles, which, fluff-wise, are surely one of the most far-reaching natural weapons (and changing the descriptive text accordingly), the reach could be changed to 5 ft. (at which point the Step Up feat would lose partial utility). Or perhaps even 10 ft., because with 0 reach, its land speed of 5 ft., and lack of any special attack, the Incutilis is an extremely easy target even for a couple of Commoners, if outside water.

Irminsul, page 158


JoelF847 wrote:
p. 158 Irminsul - it has the Quicken Spell-like Ability feat for telekinesis so under it's spell like abilities entry, it should have 3/day quickened telekinesis.

Also has Empower Spell-like Ability for Telekinesis, so the final 3/day entry should be: "3/day—empowered telekinesis (DC 21), quickened telekinesis (DC 21)"

2) Bonus damage for slam attacks is listed as +12, but should be +8; the Irminsul has 4 slams, not just one, so they use normal Str bonus, not 1-1/2.

3) What happens to the portal when the Irminsul dies? Does it close? Does it become a permanent (or temporary) portal fixed in the place where the Irminsul died (or a mobile one)?

4) Isn't it lacking mythic abilities? The closest thing it has to some mythic ability is the telekinesis at will, and that's something it could have even without Mythic Ranks... As it is, it really seems underpowered for a CR 17 creature; any average party of that level would devastate it with no effort, let alone a party of mythic characters...

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Isitoq, page 159

1) The Daze ability is listed as Ex, but should be Su. I think the reasons are quite clear.

2) Conversely, Tears of Anguish is listed as Su but should be Ex, as of itself; it releases a physical jet of liquid, which then links to the Daze ability, which, as said, should be Su, but there's a clear line between the two parts.

3) Visual Sensor doesn't specify the distance at which the ability itself can be used, and if the isitoq even needs to be on the same plane. As currently worded, there's no range limit or planar boundary... intentional?

Jack-o'-Lantern, page 160

Other than already reported issues...

1) The last two sentences of the descriptive text should probably be removed from there and put under Special Abilities as Create Spawn.

2) In the Melee entry: Strangling Entangle; in the Special Attacks entry and in the Special Abilities: Strangling Ensnare. Given the ability's description, I'd suppose Strangling Entangle is the most appropriate name.

3) Strangling Entangle controversy: the ability assumes that the Jack actively keeps the victim trapped in the vines of its slam, but then why does it have a 2d4 duration? It's the same concept as giving a random duration to grappling... what forces the Jack to let go after a handful of rounds? It should either be able to keep the victim entangled indefinitely or to detatch the entangling vines and leave the victim in them (with the vines wilting after that duration) while producing new ones and being able to use the slam freely again.

4) In the Aura entry, Fear Aura is listed as having 20 ft. range, while the description lists it as 30 ft.
Fear Aura is an universal monster rule, but this one doesn't function like such rule, so no idea which range is the correct one (personally, I'd still opt for the 30 ft.).

5) Not about errors, but I can't avoid noticing that the statted creature has really nothing to do with the picture, except for the pumpkin head... The statted Jack-o'-Lantern doesn't seem to assume a humanoid frame (among other things, it even has the "can't be tripped" note, hinting at a probably shambling-on-vines shape), nor does it use gear of any kind, including clothes (other than hindering its Pumpkin Form ability, the Jack doesn't even have enough Intelligence to wear or even conceive why it should wear them). Basically, that picture isn't what PCs see when confronting it.
This is matter of personal opinion, but with that cool picture I would have associated an Evil (and much more intelligent) Fey.

Jinmenju, page 161

1) Shouldn't the save DC of Enticing Head-Fruits be Charisma-based? It seems more appropriate on every level, even if the DC would drop to 18...
Also, isn't this basically an Aura effect? It requires no action on the Jinmenju's part and automatically affects anyone near it.

2) A lot of questions on Enticing Head-Fruits. It doesn't specify how long does the compulsion last. Does a victim take only one bite of the fruit, or does it keep eating as rounds pass (of course unless the Poison prevents her from doing so)? And how long does it take to consume a fruit entirely? (Fluff questions: are the head-fruits really fleshlike? Do they bleed and contain brains, skull and stuff? Or are they like real fruits inside?)
Also, what action is it to grab a fruit, provided that the Jinmenju knows a creature is under the compulsion and lets her take the fruit? And what action to eat? Do they provoke attack of opportunity? Is the victim capable of fiting normally while eating, or does she concentrate on it, paying less attention (or no attention) to threats?

3) Is Neutral alignment correct? A quick search for Jinmenju legends didn't bring me results about the tree having any kind of will or intent, behind the fruits humming and saying things of little relevance, but the Jinmenju in this Bestiary has a will of its own and lures creatures to their demise (probably, not even needing to feed with their flesh, since it's a tree and probably mainly feeds on its roots). Shouldn't it be Neutral Evil?

4) Shouldn't things with roots have a solid bonus on CMD vs. trip (and bull rush), or be entirely immune? The Irminsul a few pages before, for example, can't be tripped at all.

5) Intoxicating Stench should be called Intoxicating Aroma, or Alluring Aroma... reading its description it doesn't seem stench at all.
Also, this too should be a compulsion effect.
(And in case anyone is wondering, it's fine with me to keep this one's save DC Constitution-based because emanating a scent/substance is a physical effect, though bearing magical properties.)

6) Unsettling Drone lacks: "This is a sound-based, mind-affecting fear effect."

Juggernaut, pages 162-163

1) Typo in Keyed Domains section, first sentence: "A juggernaut gain special abilities..."; singular third person, so "gains".

2) Glory domain ability is listed as affecting "all allies"; since the Juggernaut has no mind to recognize allies (except supposedly its creator), isn't it better to list the target as "all creatures who share its alignment" as was done for other abilities?
Same goes for the Healing domain ability (and in this case one also wonders how is the Juggernaut supposed to recognize that one of the listed conditions is affecting a creature, ally or whatever, unless its creator orders it to use the ability on the target).
Same for Liberation (also, typo: "10 times per day a standard action..." lacks "as a standard action").
Same for protection.

3) About Vicious Trample's damage... normal Trample damage is equal to slam base damage + 1-1/2 Str and this improved version seems to want to deal double that damage. And well, it actually does literally... problem is that the bonus from Str ends up undergoing an unusual calculation (unless we're talking about critical hits): 1-1/2 Str (+19) x 2 (total +38). Shouldn't it be, more simply the normal Str bonus x2 (+26) or x3 (+39)?

Julunggali, page 164

Other than already reported issues...

1) Spell-Like Abilities' DCs: Bestow Curse is listed as 18, but should be 19; Antipathy is listed as 24, but should be 23 (both should use the Sor/wiz spell level).

2) The Poison ability doesn't specify which effects are Ex and which ones are Su. Supposedly, the Dex or Con damage is Ex and the aging is Su.
Also, does the aging effect apply only once, breaking normal Poison rules, or does it apply for every failed save? Because just 4 failed saves over the maximum of 6 would be enough to kill any character (excepts those few immune to aging, of course), not counting subsequent applications, and even if not lethal it's really devastating and curable only with the most powerful spells.

3) SR: same issue as for other mythic monsters; from a non-Mythic base of SR 28 (non-mythic CR of 17 + 11), adding MR to it would make a 36, instead of the listed 32.

4) Reflex bonus is listed as +18, but should be +16.


chopswil wrote:

Julunggali p. 164

+2 insight from where?

As for other creatures, I suppose it's just a bonus from an unnamed/unlisted ability. Much like the bonuses vs. trip from having more legs, these ones are from some othe unspecified thing they have more than most other creatures.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 70 - Time dragon

In the description of alien presence, change "a time dragon's" to "a juvenile or older time dragon's".

Grand Lodge

Astral Wanderer wrote:

Void Dragon, pages 72-73

Other than already reported issues...

I think there is a big issue with Suffocating Breath.
Its text says that a victim who failed her save suffocates for a number of rounds equal to the Void Dragon's age category. Problem is that I don't see how that interacts with the rules Core Rulebook's suffocation rules referenced in the text.
{additional good stuff...}

All extremely good points so a FAQ'd it. I think it's also worth asking how such a weapon would affect air elementals, or even fire elementals.

Grand Lodge

Astral Wanderer wrote:

Drakainia, pages 76-77

Other than already reported issues...

1) Typo in descriptive text before the stat-block: "writing tentacles" should be "withing tentalces". Unless the Drakainia is an adept writer...

Did you mean "writhing?"

Strife2002 wrote:
Astral Wanderer wrote:

Drakainia, pages 76-77

Other than already reported issues...

1) Typo in descriptive text before the stat-block: "writing tentacles" should be "withing tentalces". Unless the Drakainia is an adept writer...

Did you mean "writhing?"

Yes. I ruined my own joke.

Kaiju, all

1) As I noted for Cthulhu (behind the fact that I hadn't read Kaijus and assumed that may have been an error), if we're going beyond normal Colossal size, the penalties and bonuses to attack rolls, AC, CMB and CMD should also change accordingly.

2) All three Kaijus presented here have a +16 racial bonus on Perception... should't that basically be listed as a trait of the Kaiju subtype?

Kaiju, Agyra, pages 166-167

1) Typo in Rebirth's text, first sentence: "Agyra remains dead for only 1 minute before she come back to life...", third person singular, so "comes".

2) The last sentence in Electrified Corpse says: "Even if Agyra's body is destroyed, the site of her death continues to carry this electrical charge for 1 minute, or until Agyra is reborn, whichever comes first.", but it's redundant/useless to say "whichever comes first", since she is reborn exactly after 1 minute, not before, not after.

3) A matter of opinion, but wouldn't Fortitude be a more appropriate save than Reflex for Thunderous Blast?

Kaiju, Bezravnis, pages 168-169

Poison says: "Any spell or spell-like effects active when the target fails its initial saving throw against this poison are suppressed as long as it continues to be staggered by the poison."
I suppose it refers to spell or spell-like effects that grant fire resistance or immunity, but as worded it seems it's saying literally any spell or spell-like effects, no matter what they do.

Kaiju, Mogaru, pages 170-171

Other than already reported issues...


Bellona wrote:

Kaiju, Mogaru (p. 170)

Shouldn't he have the Amphibious special quality? From the write-up, it appears that he sleeps underwater (Water sub-type), but wrecks cities on the surface (needs to breathe air).

He doesn't need it. The Water subtype is basically the Aquatic subtype on steroids, and includes: "A water creature can breathe underwater and can usually breathe air as well."

2) If Mogaru is 140 feet tall and measures 300 feet from nose to tail, as written in the description, then its tails should have a reach of about 300 - 140 = 160 feet... even applying a heavy round down, it'd hardly go below 100 feet...
But I think the problem is with the height/length data; if a common man's height is about 6 feet and causes it's (combat) space to be a 5 feet square, conversely, a creature taking a 60 feet square should be around 70 feet tall (if we take the same proportions as the ones in the written description, the tail would still have a higher reach, but at least not an exaggerated one).

3) Tail slaps' damage lists a critical range of 19-20, but Mogaru lacks the Improved Critical feat for tail slaps.

4) Subsceptible to Song acts like Suggestion, and Suggestion in inherently language-dependant, so, since Mogaru only understands Aquan, maybe it should be specified that the song must be sung in Aquan. Otherwise, as currently worded, it seems as if any song would convey the suggestion in some obscure way, even if the song's words are something like just "la-la-laaa"...
Also, there are some unclear mechanics: first, the save Mogaru gets to reduce the Suggestion duration to 1d4 rounds... is it the same Will save mentioned before in the text, or a second one?
And if it's a second one (as it seems, since the first one seems only to see if Mogaru is or isn't influenced, and in fact it's specified that the one to reduce the duration is calculated differently), then about the first one: the text says the singer must make a DC 35 Perform check to influence Mogaru, and the result of such check sets the DC for Mogaru's Will save against that influence; the two things exclude each other... if Mogaru can save to avoid being influence, then he hasn't been influenced with a DC 35 Perform check.
How I'd change the text to make it clearer:


Susceptible to Song (Ex) Mogaru's actions can be influenced by song, provided the kaiju notices the singing. If the kaiju is not currently engaged in battle, he automatically hears any song within 100 feet that is directed at him in an attempt to influence him, but when he is in combat, there's only a cumulative 20% chance per round of sustained singing that he notices the song. In order to influence Mogaru, the singer must make a Perform (sing) check (this check cannot be bolstered by the aid another action, and the singer cannot take 10 or 20 on the check). The song must be performed in a language Mogaru can understand, otherwise it has no effect on him. The result of the check sets the DC of the Will save Mogaru must make in order to not be influenced by the song when he notices it. If the save fails, the singer can choose to influence Mogaru as if she had successfully cast suggestion on the kaiju (CL equal to the singer's ranks in Perform [sing]). If Mogaru succeeds at a second Will save (DC equal to the singer's ranks in Perform [sing] + the singer's Charisma modifier), the effects of the influence last for a maximum of 1d4 rounds; otherwise, the effects last as long as a suggestion spell would normally last. Mogaru cannot use his recovery ability to recover from song influence, and a single singer may influence Mogaru only once per day.

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