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I am considering training for one of Cheliax's hellknight orders. I have always been handy with a bastard sword and am quite strong, but can put enough force into words and deeds that I often have no need to draw steel. I wish to uphold the law and protect the citzenry from the demonic hordes of the Abyss, but am no easy friend of devils, either- they are just a part of Chellish life, I suppose. I don't think about it much, all I know is I want to be a soldier and uphold the Law. Which order is right for me?
High STR, higher CHA, leaning toward great weapon fighting

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Anyone? This IS Cheliax, yes?

Grand Lodge

:Speaking as Signifer Randolf Culpher, as VO's can't use aliases:

Lord Drear, I approach thee as a representative of the Order of the Godclaw, the greatest knightly order the Inner Sea has known.

When the first Chelish knight was turned by the beauty and wisdom of Thrune and cut down his knight brothers to herald in our scarlet age, it was Order he served foremost. This duty to Order is the foundation of the Godclaw, we our foremost in the blessings of Asmodeus and the doctrines of our all-encompassing religious magisterium.

But you serve two masters, and must also work as a Pathfinder to ensure the Prince of Contracts teachings may spread far and wide. The Godclaw is sympathetic to this need. We have ordained the lessons of a number of disciplined deities, from Abadar to Irori. If religious teachings defend the societal contract, we are bound to respect and push it towards it's perfect aim - a system where all are bound to true Order.

Some may call this knightly worship of totalitarianism - some even name us supporters of a dictatorship! Pah! These rebellious fools don't realise the truth: Hellknights of the Order of the Godclaw gain access to the darkest secrets of Pentamic Faith - although you will be fearsome with your weaponry and armour, you will also gain the powers of the religious domains, as if you were an anointed cleric! This is the most powerful of magical secrets, and the gift that makes Godclaw Knights the strongest on and off the battlefield. Truly, the Hellknights of the Godclaw are hand-selected by Asmodeus.

I trust thee to consider this choice with Reason before confirming your selection.
House Thrune Prospers!
-Signifer Randolf Culpher

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Greetings Lord Drear

The Hellknight orders are many and varied, and yet have a common purpose also. Ask not what a Hellknight order can do for you, commit yourself wholehearted body and soul to an order and they will give you rules to govern your life.

A Hellknight order is not for every man. It is for those who can accept orderly society. You must know your superiors and respect them. Also recognise your place in the organisation and you will receive the respect of those beneath you.

Devils are servants in the lawful order and they can assist all of us in many simple ways, including the fight against the Demons of this world. You sound like the right sort of person to embrace a Hellknight order and serve with hard steel and law.

My own service is to the Order of the Gate. Our focus is very much extraplanar. I serve as a Signifer and Inquisitor in this order and serve his great majesty, the Dark Prince of Law. My goals are in lawful alignment with this fearsome order. The services that I have been asked to perform have given me opportunity to grow in wealth and power.

The final choice must be yours, and it is final!

Submit to the law and prosper.

Yours faithfully

Signifier Balah al-Akim
Servant of the Order of the Gate
Born of Qadira, resident of Citadel Enferac in Cheliax

Have a look at the orders and their beliefs on pathfinderwiki or in one of the Paizo sourcebooks.

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Posting as Signifer Alastor Henderthane, because VOs can't use aliases.

"If you aspire to march with us as brothers, then first reexamine your words. You come to us as if it is we who desire you. In truth, it is the reverse. You shall supplicate yourself before the Orders, and if you are not purged by our holy fire you shall be granted a place among us."

"First, though, I counsel you to seek within your own heart for which foul transgressions most greatly offend you. Signifer Balah has already spoken of the Order of the Gate, whose charge is to ward our world against the chaos of the outer planes, and I count Signifer Culpher as a brother in service to the Order of the Godclaw, spreading the law that transcends mortal constructs such as nations. Other orders are concerned with the destruction of wasteful knowledge, those who deviate from their role in the hierarchy, purging religious zealots, civilizing the barbarians of our frontiers, and punishing criminals. Which of these transgressions is most offensive to you may be the best indicator of which of our Orders to which Order you should petition."

I look forward to the day I greet you as a brother.

Signifer Alastor Henderthane, Order of the Godclaw

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I recognize and commend the responses of my brother hellknights and their orders. I serve the Order of the Scourge. The Scourge identifies and eradicates organized crime throughout Cheliax from our post near Egorian. I do enjoy the opportunity to defend thr accused although few escape the nets of our order. Whatever your calling may your sword, voice, and pen be true to task.

Signifier Meridic Esquire
Order of the Scourge

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Thank you for your attentions to one so unworthy of them, my lords. I am rightly humbled in your presence, and will consider these wise words at length. I burn to test myself against the foul pit-spawn, and to cut the smiles from the faces of the smug defilers of our just Laws!

As now, I am but a worm who dreams of becoming a great dragon, but where does one such as I begin?

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Posting as Signifer Alastor Henderthane as VOs cannot use aliases.

"Begin with self-discipline. With regimented daily activities; rise, meditate, pray, then begin training. I am partial to running and rigorous calisthenics."

Clad in plate, the lame hellknight attempts to demonstrate running. His clubfoot is painfully obvious, though his armor appears not to encumber him.

"Oh, but perhaps you do not mean that statement literally?" Removing his helm, the aasimar scratches his head, lost momentarily in thought, before continuing. "In that case, seek spiritual clarity rather than physical might. While all our brothers are trained in arms and armor, and all demand discipline, that discipline will matter less in choosing a specific order than which of the many violations of the law will most motivate you. After you know this, then you will know which order to petition. Once you know this, seek them out and dedicate yourself to your studies and training. With dedication, obedience, and patience you will rise among your brothers and perhaps, if you are worthy, gain the honor of command."

In case you're thinking about mechanics of the orders, other than favored weapon proficiency for the Hellknight Signifer class there's really no difference mechanically between orders; the non-caster Hellknight PrC is basically the same for everyone. Its all a flavor thing. If you're looking for the flavor the faction talk boards is a pretty good place to get it.

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Actually my dear Signifier Alastor Henderthane there are specific disciples related or created by the orders of the Hellknights which unlocks certain powers (disciples) based on their order. The Signifier does not partake in this, nor I am sad to say does the Holy Vindicator path I have chosen, these are more towards the martial members of the class. Yet I find I may soon turn towards the Signifier path in due course (lv's 13+)

(OOc - You may find this reference in the Inner Sea world guide - Hellknight Prestige class)

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Ah, my good Lord Drear. I am Heccan Abraxi, of the House Abraxi of Egorian. I for one applaud your commitment to the cause good sir. The Empire needs more warriors of your obvious caliber. While I am not a member of any order, I do deal with many of them from time to time. I suggest visiting the citadels. When you immerse yourself in a particular order's environment, you get the real feel of the essence of the members. You will know when you have found the right place. When you do, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be more than delighted to aid you in negotiating good terms for your enlistment and acceptance. For a drastically reduced fee of course. Please do not hesitate to contact me at your leisure. The sorcerer, robed in the latest fashions of Egorian, bows his head slightly and takes his leave.

Sovereign Court

Lord Drear, it is good to consider joining a hellknight order. I have found joining the Order of the Chain to have granted me a great deal of respect and fear from my enemies. I favor the flail as a weapon and find that chains are evocative and useful in so many ways so the order of the chain was a natural fit. I have even found my duties as a member of the order to coincide with a particular Eagle Knight mission (They even named me an Eagle Knight afterward, quite amusing). The slavers were avoiding tariffs, and we found the slavers to be forcing rituals of chaos onto the slaves. We in the order of the chain like to emphasis that chains bind both ways. While slaves may have their place, those in power also have responsibilities to the law for those under them. In the right circumstances chains can also lead to quite a lot of fun, if you wish to know more about this aspect of chains, tell the Paracountess that Marquise d'Railford, Lady Jasmine Henderthane sends her regards.

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