Thanks Haunted Jester!

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Just got a FANTASTIC gift in the mail from Haunted Jester!

I have a near complete Ravenloft collection, but not this! So it will receive a place of honor.

Thanks a ton man!

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Nice, now I want to paw through my old (and flattened) Ravenloft box set for Halloween. Just got a copy of Rule of Fear in the mail today in preparation to running Carrion Crown when my Kingmaker campaign wraps up next year.

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You are welcome good sir. Keep inspiring those of us who love horror in our story-telling. Happy Halloween.


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Yay! I was going to quit and totally go full-on Victorian romance, but since you asked for it, I'll stick with horror. :D

How about this for starters: Every hour for all of Halloween I'll post one link to something horrifying on my Twitter account: @FWesSchneider.

In fact, as of posting this, the twelfth one might have just gone up.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!! :D

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What ever happened to this guy?

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