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Hi folks,

Just got my October subs package. Everything looks good, but it did not include the catalog that was added to the order on the Order Detail page. The packing slip did list it, but said "Not Yet Shipped".

I know a catalog is a minor issue, but I like collecting those. Can you make sure to put one in my next subscription shipment? (December)

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Congratulations, you found one of the happyfuntime* bugs that we were dealing with last week. I've set up a catalog to go out with your December shipment.

sara marie

*not actually happy or fun

Scarab Sages

Thanks Sara Marie! You guys are awesome! I'm just happy I actually got my shipment already.

(I hope this didn't take time away from someone with a REAL problem. 8^)

I have the exact same problem.

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PathfinderFan64 wrote:
I have the exact same problem.

I have placed a catalogue in your sidecart for December.

~Justin Riddler
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