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Silver Crusade

I'm pretty sure this is a basic question, but it's also one I want to be absolutely sure I'm right on since it does affect how dangerous certain monsters are. As you know, some monsters list their attacks as multiple uses of the same thing... for example you might see "Melee: 2 Claws (stats here), Bite (stats here)". Obviously you can only get 2 Claws and the Bite on a Full Attack. That part is clear enough.

Here's my question: Can such a creature use the 2 Claws as a standard attack action after doing some other move action (such as moving adjacent to the target they wish to hit)? Or would they be limited to just 1 Claw because a standard attack action generally only grants one attack?

If you need a creature example: Brown Bear on D20PFSRD

Most of the Summon Monster IV list has comparable creatures if more examples are needed; Giant Scorpion for example.

He only gets one claw attack if he chooses to use a claw after moving.

Silver Crusade

Okay, cool. Just wanted to be certain, since I seem to recall (and I may be wrong) that prior to Pathfinder they wrote those attack lines as "Claw, Claw, Bite" or similar to make this relation more clear.

Thank you, Concerro!

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