Best Way To Build a Monk Type Character?

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SO: Hypothetically, I want to build a Monk.

I don't care which classes are used to accomplish this. But lets say I want my character to be able to do the following:

> Capable of Unarmed &/or Improvised (Jackie Chan Style) Combat.
> Can Fight.
> Mobile.
> Option of being good at Combat Maneuvers
> Some sort of mystical ability (SU, SLA, Spells)

I have a few ideas, but I'm curious: What are my options?

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Assuming you're eschewing monk, a ninja or fighter/ninja mix works. A ranger with unarmed strikes would fulfil all of your prerequisites as well.

Unarmed strike Magus.

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Yeah, my first thought was some manner of ranger with an unarmed combat style, or just twf+improved unarmed combat feat.

My second thought was "Maybe I could do something using Magus".

Lets say I'm not *necessarily* eschewing Monk. Are there any Monk builds that are any good for this? I know there's that monk with the big temple sword, and there's the archer monk, are there any other monk builds that are as good as taking another Melee class to build your monk with?

I know it *Sounds* like "You could just use a monk" but my past experiences have been that "just use monk" works out about as well as most paizo forum goers say it does, and it's not a good time.

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Alchemist (internal alchemist) prestiging into master chymist. Pick up dragon style with feats and discoveries, using mutagen and 'tonics' to supplement your 3/4 BAB. Infuse Mutagen for several backup boosts, or Feral flavoured as getting back to humanity's bestial nature.

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even though i hate jackie chan monks, i would suggest a MoMs monk with crane style and snake style,, or a maneuver master with improved dirty trick and trip combo.

other then that you wont find a very agile monk that's all that great.

Master of many style/two-weapon warrior. Use snake style and panther style (Maybe dragon for damage) to abuse the heck out of your double attack of opportunity.

Quinggong monk archetype has your mystic flavor. It's in Ultimate Magic and here Pathfinder PRD.

I've heard MoMS/Brawler Fighter is decent, but that's not very mystical.

Barbarian to pair Beast Totem's pounce and Dragon Style's charge through everything might be another option - if you wanted to you could also dip Martial Artist Monk or Unarmed Fighter for the extra feats. (There's also a trait that lets you be a Neutral or Neutral Good monk, so you could go MoMS/Barbarian if you wanted to.)

I like barbarian with a dip into MoMS or Unarmed Fighter myself.

Agreed. MoMS/UA Fighter is great with snapping turtle style.

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