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Alright there have been a few threads about infamy and disrepute even more about good characters.

Has anyone tweaked the infamy system so that it is not all beatings and arbitrary murdering prisoners or crew?

No, but it shouldn't be overly difficult. A lot of them could be redone by simply having different flavor.

Walk the Plank could become We Shall Avenge Him. The captain calls on the memory of a fallen sailor to spur the crew on. "What would old Nine Finger's Jack think of us if we couldn't even outrun one lousy Chellish Brig?"

Chum the Waters might become Friendly Fins and call up dolphins to aid drowning swimmers

You could replace all of the Lashings! line with Spur them Onward and flavor it as exhorting your crew to rise to their fullest. If your character is a good guy then inspiring people to their best effort should be pretty in character.

Yeah, it's actually kind of difficult even for an evil pirate to get disrepute because just killing off crew or prisoners seems pointless. Why not sell them into slavery instead? 99% of the time, the person in question hasn't even done enough wrong to warrant dying, or they shout "Parley!" and immediately we're not supposed to touch them. Then of course are the more morally inclined crew members who would become shifty and uncomfortable due to the disproportionate punishment.

All very annoying stuff, really. A guy can't mercilessly execute anyone around these parts without getting the shifty eyes. Really need to regain it otherwise... such as with victorious naval combat. Or daring raids. Or winning at a risky pirate game.

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