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I posted this in the October sticky, but someone suggested my own thread.

My sub order this month, like others it seems, is looking a bit weird. On the Order History page, it lists the overall order as pending, as well as most of the items. However, the Pathfinder Tales novel is listed as "Shipped Monday". On the order detail page, there is a tracking link that actually brings up data on UPS, which says they received the package on the 22nd (two days ago).

However, I haven't gotten my ship email or my PDFs.

If it's still processing, that's fine. I just wanted to bring it up in case something's wrong, so it can be fixed.

Dark Archive Customer Service Representative

It appears your order was processed for shipping on the 21st and our system skipped over sending you an email. We apologize for any confusion. The display issue on your Order History page should now be fixed, and your PDFs available on your My Downloads page.

You should be able to open the tracking link by going to your Order History page, clicking on the order number, and then clicking the "Track This Package" link.

~Justin Riddler
Customer Service

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Thanks Justin!

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