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Can a Pearl of Power recall a spell that used up a spell slot higher than it's actual spell level because the spell was affected by Metamagic?

Example: Pearl of Power level 1 being used to recall a Maximized Magic Missile.

Magic Missile is a level 1 spell, Maximize Spell does not change the spell level at all, and the description of Pearl of Power does not mention spell slot used at all, only spell level.

Metamagic Feats clearly state: In all ways, a metamagic spell operates at its original spell level, even though it is prepared and cast using a higher-level spell slot.

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There's already an FAQ request with 65 hits waiting to be answered.

thanks, I hadn't seen this one. Faq it I will.


I'm not sure why it needs a FAQ, when I read it all I see if you recall the spell cast of that lvl, it makes no mention of metamagic so why would you assume it adds it.

I would assume of course that you could use a pearl of power 1 to recall magic missile that you had cast using a higher spell slot.

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